Blonde Hair Don’t Care: These Characters Will Make You Want To See Their Shows

How are you Grimms?

The age old question is being asked, do blondes have more fun? Here are some blonde characters to help us figure it out. If you see a character you don’t know I recommend you check out their show. Whether or not you believe that blondes have more fun I guarantee you will at least dig these their shows!

Tamaki Suoh

blonde hair

For the record this blonde does have tons of fun. If you haven’t seen Tamaki in action on Ouran High School Host Club you are missing out. I personally find him to be hilarious. Tamaki may at first seem like a spoiled rich kid but in actuality he is kind, thoughtful, and of course alot of fun. I mean you have to be a pretty fun guy of you’d think of putting together a host club while still in high school!

Lady Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford

blonde hair1

But you can call her Lizzie. Her official name may be a mouthful but you know what? It totally works for her full of life personality. Coming to you from Black Butler don’t let Elizabeth’s cutesy nature fool you. She’s cunning, brave, and could certainly crush you in a sword fight. I like to think she also gives Ciel a bit of cheer even as he delves deeper into his revenge plot against the people responsible for his parents murder.

Genjo Sanzo

Blonde hair3

Oh Sanzo… you are certainly not what anyone would expect in a monk. He swears, he’s selfish, he carries a gun, and his mantra is probably violence is the answer. With all that said watching him in Saiyuki is a joy. Sure he is far from the traditional version of a pious monk but that’s what makes his character so much fun. As he and his friends (although you’ll never hear him call them that) head west to face demons and stop the resurrection of the worst one you can’t help but fall in love with his character.

We all know these aren’t the only blondes in the anime scene that make you want to watch their shows. Name your blonde anime characters below!

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