Youtube MUA: Nyma Tang

Beautiful Grimms ❤

I wonder if you remember the fact that once a month I like to give you the low down on a beauty vblogger you might enjoy following? It had been so long since I've done this!

This month I hope to introduce you to Nyma Tang. I've been following her for less than a year but I'm really glad I discovered her. I think that if you enjoy makeup tutorials and things like that you'll enjoy her as well. Here are three reasons you should give her a shot.

That Beautiful Skin

Nyma has this beautiful dark skin but as you all know finding foundation, bb/cc cream, etc is really hard of you have really dark skin. Seeing the products that are available for her skin tone is worth watching alone. Not to mention being able to see how other products like lipstick and eyeshadow look. As we’ve discussed before different colors look different on different skin tones.

Reviews Before You Buy

The nice thing about a video review is you really get to see the product close up as they try it out on video. While Nyma does tutorials she also does reviews on products. The only thing I would remind everyone is that not all of her products are cruelty free. If you’re goal is to be cruelty free I suggest you double check products used.

A Unique Perspective

Something I really appreciate that she does that I really haven’t seen alot of YouTube MUAs do is showing us how a product holds up over time. Many times she’ll create a look for a product then go out about her day for a time and then come back on camera to show viewers how it had held up. I love that! Just because a lipstick starts out looking good doesn’t mean it stays that way. I feel like by doing this she gives a more complete review.

Well there you have it Grimms. Did you enjoy this MUA? Let me know in the comments below!

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