February 2018 Wish List: Otaku Edition

Hey Grimms,

It occurred to me that I’ve only done wish lists for beauty type stuff I want but really I could do otaku stuff too! There’s certainly lots of stuff I wish for. I’m sure you’re all the same. I don’t know an otaku out there who isn’t a bit of a collector.

So here goes!

Noya Nendroid

otaku wish list2

Damn do I need this! I have Hinata and Oikawa but as you all know Noya is my number two. I must have him! Of course bc he’s not in production anymore he’s pretty expensive.

Curse my luck!

So who knows when I’ll actually be able to get him.

Haikyu Season 1

otaku wish list3

I get super paranoid that shows I love will be removed from the streaming sites I watch it on. I like to have my own copy and insanely enough I don’t have any seasons of my beloved Haikyu. It’s a travesty! I must change this.

Yuri on Ice Season 1

otaku wish list4

Speaking of anime I need… Hola! This needs to happen as well. I love me some Yuri on Ice. Can I really be satisfied without out my own copy? I don’t think so.

Let’s Jam Baseball Tee

I noticed that I don’t have a single shirt supporting my Cowboy Bebop love. That would all change with this tee shirt in my closet. Maybe this month I’ll make it happen!

Ouran High School Host Club Vol. 1

otaku wish list6

I have all of the volumes downloaded to my nook but I’d really like to have the book versions as well. I know out sounds like a waste of paper but there’s just something about holding a book in your hands. I just love it. Plus I love seeing all of my manga on the shelf. I hope to collect all of them again in paper form.

There you have it everyone! Five otaku related things I’d love to get my hands on this month. I also included links to the items I would love to have in case anyone here would like to check them out for themselves. Good luck to anyone whose trying to buy the Noya Nendo! What about you Grimms? Comment below with the items you’d love to get your hands on this month!

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4 thoughts on “February 2018 Wish List: Otaku Edition

  1. I’m actually just hoping for a sale or discount code for Book Depository because there’s a couple of light novels I wouldn’t mind getting (next parts of series) that are a little out of reach/justification without a sale.

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