One Piece Season Two: I Want More Ace

Hey Grimms and One Piece Lovers ❀

We are finally getting our season two review! As I said in my season one review deciding to watch and review One Piece is an undertaking. There are just so many seasons and each season has so many episodes. It will most likely take me years to catch up!

I mean sure if I watched nothing but One Piece I would catch up quicker but that would me I was literally watching nothing else. I think it’s good to space things out a bit.

Before giving my thoughts on season two I would like to remind anyone stopping by that this review is written with the idea that anyone reading has already seen season one. So I will try to avoid spoilers for season two but season one is fair game.

If you have never seen One Piece please go check out my review One Piece Season One: Let The Journey Begin.


One Piece s2 Luffy

Season One introduced us to Luffy and his dream of becoming the King of Pirates by finding the One Piece. To do this he needs to assemble a pirate crew and enter the Grand Line.

This season introduced us to his crew Nami, Usopp, Sanji, and Zorro. We get to see a bit of everyone’s background and they’re reasons for joining but the biggest storyline and most interesting to me was finding out more about Nami.

The fight scenes brought on by that storyline were totally badass.

Season two actually takes the Straw Hats into the Grand Line and on the hunt for the One Piece.

Thoughts on Season Two

Well this is a whirlwind of a season. Of I shouldn’t have expected anything else from One Piece. You don’t end up with over 1000 episodes in anime without bringing the drama.

There are many different little arcs but the main arc is finding the pirate Crocodile one of the seven pirates of the Grand Line. He’s a total powerhouse but has gotten on Luffy’s bad side by using deceit to take over a country and make it is.

Normally Luffy probably wouldn’t care but he happens to become friends with the princess of this country and that changes things.

Also when I say he wouldn’t care this highlights something that I have really come to enjoy about Luffy. He has his own sense of justice and loyalty to his crew but at the end of the day he is a pirate and not above breaking the law or watching others do so. I like watching his character navigate through this.

You can look forward to some sweet fight scenes but more importantly to me some new characters. There have been some characters this season that I am just beyond pumped to get to know.

Smoker and Ace I’m looking at you two.

One Piece s2 Ace
Hello Ace you’re looking on fire as usual.

You also start getting little clues that show that there is more to Gol D. Roger’s death than meets the eye. Not to mention more to Luffy and his family.

My favorite moment in the season was probably their farewell when they left Alabasta. They all just look so cool!

My least favorite thing is probably the fact that after the main arch wraps up the season ends with like five filler episodes. These episodes don’t give us any additional insight into the characters nor are they particularly funny. Honesty they’re actually just pretty boring.

The last episode with a Zorro flashback was the only one that held any sort of interest for me. I’m a Zorro fangirl though so anything that focuses on Zorro will grab my attention.

My favorite fight scene is still from first season between Luffy and Arlong but there are some really good ones this season.

One Piece s2 zorro
Oh Zorro you’re still one of my favorites πŸ˜€

Final Thoughts

On to season three!

Hopes for this season?

More Ace!!!!

More background on Nico Robin!

A fight between Luffy and Smoker!

And of course more of Zorro fighting anyone! I like when he fights.

Well I’m off Grimms until next time. Comment below with your thoughts and don’t forget to check out my Patreon ❀ GrimmGirl is able to function because of your help!

One Piece s2 Chopper
One more character to look forward to!


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