Febuary 2018 Wish List

Hola Beautiful Grimms ❤

It’s been sometime since I’ve done a wish list post. Basically this is a post of products I would love to get before the end of the month. This doesn’t mean I actually will but it’s fun to dream right?

Fenty Full Body Foundation Brush

I want to try this so badly! I’ve heard so many great things about it and I’m in need of a new foundation brush anyway. I’ve already been using the Fenty foundation and I’ve heard from other reviewers that having the brush really improves the application of it.

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick Restraints

How cool is this metallic lipstick?! Not only does it look amazing as is but I really want to try mixing it with some other colors. I hope it mixes well but I won’t know until I try. This is actually a new product that doesn’t come out until February 10th. I’m really tempted to get this day one sense it’s not unusual for products to sell out on his site.

Sugarpill Little Twin Star Collection

Sugarpill Little Twin Star
This image was taken from the Sugarpill website

How cute is this collection?! It comes with an eyeshadow palette, two liquid lipsticks, and a makeup bag. Once again another exclusive. Once it’s gone it’s gone.

Gaaaaahhh! I really want it!

The colors look so pretty and cute. They’re just perfect for spring time.

Irregular Choice Birdcage Heel

Irregular Choice Shoes
This image was used from the Irregular Choice website

These are so beautiful! I love the colors and the unique design. I only recently discovered the existence of this shoe company and haven’t gotten anything from then yet but this will probably be my first purchase. Well when I have the funds!

Maple Holistic Winter Blend

This is a shampoo/conditioner set that I’m dying to try. How could I resist? I mean it is winter time in my area. My hair should really participate in the season. I’m also curious as to way this minty winter blend smells like. I hope it has a peppermint smell to it!

Well there you have it Grimms five things I’d love to get this month. I have put the links in each of their bold print names in case you want to check out any of these products yourself.

Until next time!


I do not own these images

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