First Impressions: Cheer Boys

Hey Grimms,

We have another sports anime on our hands! I’ve been trying to expand my sports anime ever since the beauty of Haikyu entered my life. Recently my sister came over and said she wanted to try out Cheer Boys and asked if I wanted to watch to.

Cheer Boys has actually been on my to watch list for sometime now so I thought why not jump on it? So together we decided to watch the first three episodes.

“Haruki Bandou was born into a family of Judo martial artists and expected to continue the family legacy. But he’s about to trade Judo for… cheerleading?! When hos childhood friend Kazuma Hashimoito invites him to join the BREAKERS, a male cheerleading club, Haru finds himself amongst a quirky group of boys. Can this squad of slightly odd and cute members make a breakthrough in college athletics?” -Crunchyroll

First Impressions

Cheer Boys

I’ve been wanting to see this show for a while because the thought of an all male cheerleading group was fairly interesting.

I will say though that after three episodes I’m a bit confused as to where they are going with things. According to the show they need 17 members in order to compete in a cheerleading competition. They can start performances though with seven though. So their goal seems to be to recruit seven people and have a performance.

So where’s the competitive portion going to come in? I mean are they really going to be able to incite some great rivalry when their only goal at this point is to just hold a performance? What cheerleading team would even care about that?

I can’t imagine this goal will change and they’ll actually compete since there’s only one season and they would need ten more people. Even in their first three episodes I feel like their lack of being able to compete really holds the show back in a sense.

I mean they’re all basically starting out at ground zero so the challenges they’re trying to overcome are things like do a handstand and recruit more people. Those aren’t really edge of your seat type challenges.

There’s no part of me that’s feels like I need to see the next episode just to find out if so and so mastered the art of a handstand. Get what I mean?

Cheer Boys3
You nailed it bro.

The drama also isn’t super compelling to be honest either. Don’t get me wrong they’re trying with this Haru judo stuff but it seems a bit forced to me. I’m not moved by it. I mean the only person who seems to care that he’s not doing it is his sister and I feel like if he’d just tell her he’s doing cheerleading she’d be cool with it.

All the other characters are getting some backstories as well but nothing that is super attention grabbing. It’s mostly just politely interesting.

While I did say I didn’t see how this show could add any sort of rivalry but it does appear that it may happen. The problem is I don’t buy it. Literally at some point some random guy just starts yelling at them about how they’re novices and shouldn’t just try to start cheerleading.

This is just weird to me. I mean every one starts out as a novice. So what, nobody should start any sport ever? This line of thinking is just silly.

With all that said there are things that I have enjoyed about the show. Kazuma is truly adorable! His smile could get him anything I swear. Every time he does it my heart melts.

There are also some quirky characters as the team comes together that certainly make me giggle. They seem like an eccentric bunch that play off each other nicely.

I really enjoying just watching them. Honestly this show is giving me a bit of a Free!! vibe in the sense that while this is a sports anime I am getting a slice of life sort of feel to it.

Cheer Boys2
Why the heck are you adorable?

Final Thoughts

Cheer Boys is a cute show. It’s nothing that leaves me craving the next episodes but it’s not terrible. It’s the type of show you watch when you want something low pressure to view.

I’ll probably finish this show eventually. Like I said before it’s a cute show and it does give me some chuckles. For me it’s the type of show I can watch when I’m doing something else like crocheting or coloring. It doesn’t necessarily require my full attention.

Well that’s where I’m at with this show. What about you? Comment below with your thoughts!


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3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Cheer Boys

  1. This was pretty straight forward series and entertaining enough. It never really did anything amazing and the ending kind of made it feel like it wanted a second season but I doubt it will ever get one. Then again, all sorts of things get season 2’s and I wonder why so who knows.

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    1. That’s true and I swear shows that should keep going end! I’m looking at you OHSHC… not that this is a terrible show or anything to get a 2nd season. I still have to finish it but so far I agree with you. Nothing amazing but it’s cute.

      Liked by 1 person

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