Is Fenty Cruelty Free? Turns Out… Yes.

Animal lovers rejoice!

You can officially add Fenty to your list of GrimmGirl approved cruelty free products.

I have to admit though that this took a bit of digging to confirm. Every time I was on the cruelty free Fenty train I’d hear another rumor that they in fact weren’t! So I had to really look into this one.

fenty beauty rihanna

Here’s the deal. Fenty and Rihanna from the get go have been very clear that Fenty is a cruelty free product. They don’t test on animals at any stage of production. They don’t allow third parties to test on animals. They don’t sell in countries like China that still require animal testing.

So where the heck are these rumors coming from?!

I decided to look closer after realizing that Fenty is not an independently owned company. Their parent company is Kendo and they also own Kat Von D, Ole Henriksen, Marc Jacobs Beauty, and Bite.

As far as I can tell these brands and Kendo also check out as cruelty free. The one slight hiccup would be the difference between Marc Jacobs Beauty and Marc Jacobs Fragrance.

Marc Jacobs Beauty is owned by Kendo and is cruelty free but Marc Jacobs Fragrance is not owned by Kendo and also tests their products on animals.

I know it is so weird! You would think if one thing produced by the Marc Jacobs name was cruelty free all of their products would be!

With that said since Kendo doesn’t seem to own any company that is actively testing on animals I’m going to give Fenty my stamp of approval.

I realize that Marc Jacobs Fragrance continues to support animal testing but I do not believe that by buying Fenty products you are supporting those practices.

If you have any additional information I may have missed please comment below! Otherwise enjoy your Fenty products guilt free!

Also don’t forget to comment below with any makeup brands you would like me to look into.

See you later Grimms ❤


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