Code Realize: Saint Germain

My lovely Otome Grimms!

How I’ve missed Otome Mondays! I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and my otome posts have been seriously lacking over these last pregnant months. I maintain that Mondays just aren’t the same without them.

Today we delve back into the world of Code Realize which I have been playing on my PSP. Thanks again to my wonderful husband for getting me both things for Mother’s Day last year! He gets my otome ways.

If you are unfamiliar with Code Realize I suggest you check out my first post Code Realize: First Impressions/Three Things To Know for more detailed information on this game. For every one else let’s move forward with the first route I decided to pursue.

Saint Germain

What we have is a bit of a mystery. Our MC is desperate to find answers as to why her body is absolute poison to anyone that touches her. She’s amassed a few friends to help her find the man that will bring her answers, her father. Among her new friends is Saint Germain.

He basically becomes the group’s mysterious benefactor. He provides them with a base of operations and it is through his protection that they are able to evade the authorities. We can’t forget that they’re basically all wanted by the police… Not to mention the Queen!

While he’s more than willing to provide the group with necessities and occasionally help out on missions his motivation is shrouded in mystery. Not only is it unclear why he’s willing to help the group but other oddities about him continue to pop up.

He seems to have hidden skills that seem out of character with a simple nobleman. Also calling Saint Germain an, “old soul” doesn’t seem to do him justice. What are his true intentions?

My Reactions

For anyone who decides to read ahead please know there will be spoilers ahead. So proceed with caution!

I enjoyed Saint Germain’s route but I can’t see it being my favorite at all. There were definitely some twists when it came to answering who Saint Germain is as a person but he’s just not my type.

He’s one of those cool aloof type characters that sometimes work for me but not always. I also couldn’t fully get behind his little personal deliema when it came to the MC.

Super Spoiler About To Happen Below!

For reasons I won’t reveal at one point Saint Germain decides he needs to kill the MC. This is of course made difficult by the fact that he has begun to develop feelings for her. There are others that want to kill the MC so this leaves Saint Germain with three choices.

1.) Just kill the MC and get it over with.

2.) Stand aside so someone else can kill her so he doesn’t have to be 100% responsible.

3.) Decide not to kill the MC and instead help her.

So what do we get? A bunch of wishy washy nonsense that’s what! Our torn Saint Germain of course decides he must kill her and no one else! Which means he spends his time both trying to kill her and being angst ridden about it and protecting her from others because of course he must be the one to kill her.

This prompts a giant eye roll from me.

Plus how is the MC suppose to really fall for a guy like that?

“Hey remember that time you tried to strangle me? I’m so glad we’ve moved past that. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Like really? Really!

As you can see from the above it’s for these reasons I can already tell Saint Germain isn’t going to be my favorite. He’s worth playing though and I’m glad I got him out of the way.

Final Thoughts

Code Realize has not disappointed so far! I can’t wait to play through the rest of the characters. Next I’ll play through Impey Barbicane the brilliant if not a bit goofy engineer.

I tend to have a soft spot for characters like him so I’m pretty pumped!

Make sure to comment below with your thoughts on Code Realize and Saint Germain.

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