Harry Potter for Diplomat

Hey Grimms ❤

I feel like I haven’t written anything for OWLS in much to long! I admit my participation has been a little all over lately. The last tour I participated in was for September and technically I didn’t write, I did a livestream.

So I’m very excited to be back on the writing side of things for our November tour. If you have never heard of OWLS please check out my About the Author page for more details. Also if you have yet to check out Zoe’s November post from Let’s Talk Anime I highly recommend you do so!

Without further ado her was our prompt for this month’s theme!

“Diplomacy Topic

“Whenever we have a disagreement with someone, we use our words to express our thoughts and opinions. However, there are those who would rather use fists instead of words, those who forget that being “right” isn’t the most important thing, and those who lose sight of compromising and acknowledging differences in opinion and belief. Diplomacy is an important skill and tactic that not many of us have or are able to utilize properly especially in “social media wars” for sensitive issues and anime discourse—we just express our opinions without really listening. For this month’s prompt, we will be exploring some of the best negotiations scenes in pop culture media and discuss how effective these diplomatic moments are and what we can learn from them. We will also discuss why communication and listening are important traits to have and whether or not there are other means to enforce peace.”

Harry Potter Time

For the first time I veer off my usual focus on anime with my OWLS post and talk about my other great love, the Harry Potter Series. You all know I’m a pretty big fan so honestly it was just a matter of time before this series made a showing in an OWLS prompt.

For this particular discussion I want to talk about from the book perspective (sorry movie but you really do NOT do the following scene enough justice) I would also like to take a moment to advise anyone who has not scene the movie or read the book to steer clear of reading the rest of this!

In the following sentences I will be discussing a HUGE spoiler. In fact it’s basically the wrapping up of Harry’s and companies entire journey. It’s big.

So please if you haven’t seen or read the books and still want to be surprised by the ending DON’T read any further!

Can’t say I didn’t warn you…

Harry Potter VS Tom Riddle

“(L-r) RALPH FIENNES as Lord Voldemort and DANIEL RADCLIFFE as Harry Potter in Warner Bros. Pictures’ fantasy adventure “HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.”

For me I think one of the most epic diplomacy scenes happens between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort aka Tom Riddle.

In the finally scene between Harry and Voldemort Harry has just gotten back from sacrificing himself for everyone at Hogwarts. He gives his life for them. Unbeknownst to both Harry and Voldemort a piece of Voldemort’s soul attached itself to Harry and when Voldemort tries to kill him he actually ends up killing a piece of his own soul.

Regardless Harry’s sacrifice still holds and Voldemort’s spells are on unable to work properly against the wizards and witches fighting him at the school. This is something Voldemort should have recognized from the start. Wasn’t his original downfall due to the fact he tried to kill Harry after his mother died for him and gave him an unbending protection? But because of his hatred and lack of ability to think of anything other than his ambitions he easily falls into the same trap.

On top of that he lost what could have been his greatest ally in Snape when he killed Lily. Being someone who can’t relate to others he couldn’t understand how Snape could ever turn against him for some, “mudblood”. Wasn’t his power enough to frighten loyalty out of everyone?

It is because he doesn’t have this understanding, this ability to compromise and relate to others that he makes his next mistake. Not realizing that because Snape wasn’t loyal to him anymore the Elder Wand wasn’t actually his… but Harry’s. Since the wand doesn’t recognize him as his owner his spells against Harry are not going to hold.

The kicker in this whole scene is that even after everything he has done, all of the pain he has caused Harry and the people around him Harry still tries to give him a chance. Voldemort won’t listen to him though. So consumed he is with his own thoughts he is unable to accept anything else.

Finally Voldemort decides to unleash his killing curse, while Harry instead chooses to use his disarming spell. Showing just how diplomatic Harry is. I mean Voldemort killed his parents, Cedric, and countless others. He has tried to kill Harry multiple times, the actions of his followers has caused Harry to lose people that he has grown to consider family (Remus, Sirius, Fred) not to mention all of the pain Voldemort and his followers have caused many of Harry’s friends (the torture of Neville’s parents).

All of this and Harry still doesn’t try to use his position to hurt Voldemort but to disarm him. Not only that but before trying to disarm Voldemort Harry asks him to try to feel sympathy and remorse in order to regain his soul which Voldemort quickly rebuffs as unnecessary.

So when Voldemort dies it isn’t at Harry’s hand, it’s at his own. It is his own spell that once again rebounds back and kills him now that all of his Horcruxes are destroyed. Even though he has done horrible things Harry doesn’t let the pain Voldemort has caused him to override his sense of self. He could have easily struck back and been consumed with anger but he doesn’t. He doesn’t lose his sense of self.

Harry Potter7 gif


It’s hard!

It’s hard to take the high road so to speak whether online or in our lives when someone is being so unwavering and hateful. It’s hard to deal with other people’s hate without wanting to push back. We see this in everything from people’s online interactions to politics. I even find myself having a hard time when dealing with certain topics or people.

We still have to remember who we are though.

Especially when things are tough and it would in many ways be easier to just push back with blind rage. Like Harry’s character we still have to remember who we are, keep a clear head, and conduct ourselves with diplomacy. That doesn’t mean we let people walk all over us.

Did Harry? No.

What it means is that in many situations the best and healthiest thing we can do is to let a person self-destruct on their own, just like Harry Potter’s character does with Voldemort. We can give our piece and if someone doesn’t understand that it’s more than okay to take a step back and watch them fall into their own mess.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Make sure to check out Miandro’s post on November 20th!

Comment below with your thoughts on most epic diplomacy scene you know ❤


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10 thoughts on “Harry Potter for Diplomat

  1. It really is hard to take the high road. I’ve certainly had a couple of moments in my life when I had wanted to lash out at a hateful person, but I very rarely have. It’s just not in my nature so to speak. Some people see that as a weakness though. I have always considered it to be a great strength myself. Terrific post: you definitely haven’t lost your touch 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. I have to admit this has actually taken me a lot of practice. When I was younger my initial response was to lash back out. I’m glad I was able to realize that this was only hurting me as well. It can be really hard though which is why it’s funny to me that people find it a weakness. It is way harder than just acting on instinct.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So I haven’t seen the ending for HP and I’ve only read the first book so I don’t really understand what happens in this scene but I like the message you’re trying to convey. I think that method has saved me a couple of times and even at work it works. I’ve had guests yell at us and threaten to call corporate on us but bc I’ve stayed calm and not let their mood aggravate me, we’ve settled disputes. Granted that doesnt always work but I feel like if people want to self destruct they can do it on their own. Great Post!

    Liked by 1 person

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