After School Affairs: Kenzo Yasukawa

Otome Grimms!

How pumped are you to finally get an Otome Monday again? I know the wait on this had been way to crazy. The worst part (at least for me) is that even though I haven’t been blogging about otome games doesn’t mean I haven’t been playing them. My backlog is horrific right now!

Well one down today about 20 more to go… am I exaggerating with that number? You be the judge.

Today we’re chatting about the Voltage otome game After School Affairs. So far we have explored the stories of Hidetaka Sera and Rikiya Mononobe. For a more detailed look at the storyline/pricing for this game I highly suggest checking out my first After School Affairs post After School Affairs: Hidetaka

For everyone else let’s move on with Kenzo!



Quick breakdown you play the MC who works as an English teacher at an all boys school that’s known for churning out jocks not brainiacs when surprise it’s decided that you’ll now merge with the very scholarly all girls school next door.

In order to keep the focus after the big change your new boss implements a strict no dating rule between the students. You make sure staff leads by example she extends that to all of her employees.

Which doesn’t seem so bad until the MC starts spending more time with her co-workers!





❤ So Cute ❤

Kenzo is the school nurse and pretty darn good looking. While he may be attractive he seems to be really inattentive when it comes to his job, obsessed with video games (and his chicken), and if all that wasn’t cause for concern there is a very strong chance that he is involved with a student!

You’ve got your work cut out for you when it comes to figuring out this man but I can honestly say it’s worth it! I really enjoyed this route. There’s a lot more to Kenzo than you originally imagine from his work as a nurse to his relationships he had with those around him.

I’ll admit the mystery of the rumor mill and his possible romantic ties will keep you on your toes. I’m not usually one for any type of love triangle but I admit I did want to see how this all panned out.

Another thing to look forward to in this route is the physical escalation (to put it politely) happens pretty damn quick for a voltage game! Seriously you usually have to wait towards the very end, if not the second season,  for anything really scandalous to happen!

Not the issue with this route. I won’t say much more because I don’t want to give to much away but DAMN Kenzo!

Some pitfalls of this route is both the MC and Kenzo are both pretty dumb when our comes to the possible side love interest. There are certainly times where you just want to slap them both and shout, “You’re adults damnit! Get yourselves in line for heaven’s sake!”

However that side of the game isn’t unbareable. Trust me I’ve played through things a zillion times worse.

Finally Thoughts

Yeah… He can get it.

Kenzo can get it ya’ll.

I give him and his story the GrimmGirl stamp of approval! Yeah the story could certainly pass as a CW script but it keeps your attention. Kenzo cannot only claim he has game in the video game world but also with the ladies. 

Yeah I made that joke.

So if you got some time to kill I say check this route out. Don’t forget to comment below with your thoughts.

Does Kenzo sound like your kind of dood or is he a strong pass?

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Enjoy the rest of your week Grimms!

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7 thoughts on “After School Affairs: Kenzo Yasukawa

  1. Haha great pos! I’m still laughing from where you said Kenzo can get it :)) . This game looks very interesting. I can’t say that I’ve played anything like it other than the choices game on Android. Thanks for sharing!

    -Luna 🙂

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