Have You Heard Of Poke Amigurumi Pals

Hey Grimms!

I know last week I was really waffling on what my post for this week would be. If I recall correctly I said it would either be a Look of the Day, beauty review, or lipstick challenge post. I lied. It’s not any of those! This right here is exactly why I can’t be trusted to use recommended blog posts as rewards for my Patreon account XD I’m always changing my mind on what I’m going to do!

This post is actually going to be an accessory review/shop post! I don’t care what anyone says, Otaku Merch are accssories for your life. As such it is imparitive that all of you Grimms are familiar with the new Etsy store Poke Amigurumi Pals brought to you by our very own Pokeninja90 from the otome geared blog Nice Job Breaking It Hero.

“I have been crocheting for years, so I figured now was as good a time as any to try my hand at selling my work! If the name of the shop wasn’t a big enough indication, I’m a huge anime fan, so a lot of my listings will be anime related in some way or another. While the bulk of my items will be amigurumi dolls, I plan on branching out to include other crochet items, such as small plushies, charms, and maybe otaku themed hats! The sky’s the limit!

Also, as a woman of color I know how hard it is to find dolls and toys in my likeness, so I do offer a few customizable doll options. Choose between three distinct skin tones and multiple hair options in order to craft your perfect doll!

I take commissions, so if you want a doll that isn’t listed in the shop, send me a message and I’d be more than happy to work with you!

Thank you so much for checking out my shop! I put a lot of love in to each and every doll I make and I really hope you love them as much as I do!” –Poke Amigurumi Pals About Shop Bio on Etsy

I of course had to get myself of an Oikawa Tooru from Haikyuu! I also decided to review the product and experience ordering from Poke Amigurumi Pals for all of you. As always I will begin with the cons and end on a good note with the pros.

Hinata and The Great King ❤


I put this in the cons not because it is horrible but because I believe people should really think about it!

This is a handmade product (that’s not the con) which means it takes TIME to create. For the love of all that is otaku please do not assume you are going to get this product with next day shipping! This isn’t a mass produced item.

She is very clear within her description that at bare minimum you are looking at waiting at least 1-2 weeks (if you are in North America). This is going to differ depending on the shipping method you choose and if you are ordering a custom item or something she might already have in stock.

For example I decided to order a Oikawa Tooru doll which was a custom order. That mean after I placed my order she had to begin the process of making it and then ship it out to me. If I had expected Oikawa to be at my door in three days that would have been totally unreasonable.

Since it is a custom job mine took about the full two weeks to reach me. If I wanted say a Pokeball (which she has ready to ship) it would take less time to reach me.

So what does this mean?

It means plan accordingly! If you want to get a custom product for a friend’s birthday then make sure you are ordering in advance and not a few days before. Also pay attention to the time in which you are ordering for instance. Most shops see an influx of consumers during Christmas time. So if there is something you really want by Christmas make sure you are ordering in advance and be realistic about how much time it is going to take.


It’s a handmade product!

That in itself makes it a more unique product which I really enjoy. I mean how many people do I know that have this Oikawa doll? Zero. The uniqueness is a real pro in my opinion. Even if someone were to order it my doll would still be unique. One because no two handmaid products are ever truly the same and two because Naja made this herself for me.

That’s really cool!

This product also ships internationally! So all of my overseas readers rejoice, you can order this product as well. Obviously your shipping chargers, and time it takes to get to you will be different but at least it’s available to you right?

The fact that you can do custom orders is AWESOME. Not only can you talk to her about doing various anime characters but she is also able to do other characters as well. Are you a Harry Potter or Sherlock fan? Have an Otome character you’d love to bring to life? She can help you out! Basically if you have an idea message her about it and she’ll let you know if she can work that out.

This product is also well made a durable. How do I know this? Because I’m the proud mother of a destructive (but loveable) four year old. Trust me, in the weeks that I’ve had this doll it has gone through the wringer… and lived to tell the tale. If this doll can survive my four year old it can survive anything.

I would also list the price of this doll in the pros because it is fair. I paid $35 for this product and as someone who also crochet I can tell you that this price is 100% reasonable. Since you are paying for a handmaid item you are paying for the time it takes to make this item, the materials used to make it, and the fact that she has to come up with a pattern to create this product.

Pay the woman.

Finally when you I opened my box for my beautiful Tooru I was impressed to see a handwritten thank you card from Naja! You all know how fond I am of the little touches. This is something that she doesn’t have to do for customers but does just to show her appreciation.

I love when people do stuff like this!

Final Thoughts

I will for sure be getting more products in the future! My daughter is a huge fan and is really hoping for one of her own. Especially after I vetoed her whole, “Oikawa is going to help my make mud” idea. I myself can’t help but think Oikawa needs Noya at his side! Don’t even get me started on how cute a Sherlock and Watson doll would be.

The price is right and the product is well made. Do you have to do some planning in advance if you want your product by a certain day? Yes. However that’s the deal with any handmaid product!

So I have no problems giving this shop my 100% endorsement! I hope you all get a chance to check out some of her products by clicking the shop’s name below.

Poke Amigurumi Pals

As for what post I shall bring you next week… Well so far I’m thinking either an Otome post or an Anime post. Comment below for what you are hoping to see!

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  1. How did I miss this amazing shout out?! Jeeze, you are making me blush, this was so sweet!! Thank you Kat, you don’t know how much this means to me!! Also, I am so glad you like your Oikawa doll, had to work extra hard on your bae!!

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