Trying My First Peel Off Mask: PUR Agave Mask

Hola Grimms ❤

I hope you have all been experiencing a lovely week. If you follow my Twitter (Kat13Sade) then you know I promised a beauty review this week. Not being one to disappoint, here it is!

This week we’ll be looking at PUR and their Blue Agave Mask product. Sometimes it’s nice to kick back and dawn on a face- mask and relax. Take a few minutes to deep cleanse that face. Which is a really good practice for everyone but I especially recommend it for those of you who wear makeup on a regular basis.

As much as I love my makeup I’m not going to pretend that it’s the greatest thing for my pores!

So let’s see what PUR has to say about their product and I’ll let you know if I feel like it lives up to the expectations.

“Give your skin an energizing boost with this ultra-refreshing blue agave mask. An Energy Complex of green tea, ginseng and Vitamin B helps stimulate the skin’s natural metabolism for the look of plumper, hydrated and refreshed skin. The cooling sensation and uplifting scent will leave your skin feeling totally revived.” –PUR Website 

 Blue Agave Mask from PUR

Let’s start with the cons!



So this particular mask is a peel off mask, which is not my con. My con is that in order to get it think enough on your face so that you can peel it of you have to use quite a bit. This is not a product where you can use simple a pea size or even a quarter size for that matter! Which brings me to the con…

You have to use a lot and there isn’t that much to begin with!

This mask comes in a 2 oz bottle and costs $26 a bottle! Eep! My wallet is weeping. I personally like to do a mask at least once a week but because I can go through this product so quickly my wallet only allows me to use it once a month, if that.

Since it is a peel of mask I beg you to watch where you put this! Watch your hairline and eyebrow area people or you will rip some of your hair out. So just be watchful about this.

Speaking of peeling off the mask during their website video it looks like it just comes right off. Maybe it’s because their able to use so much product and make the mask super thick. I swear I used like 4 quarter sized layers of this and I couldn’t peel it all off in one swipe.

You can’t imagine how much product I had to use.


I really like that it is a peel off mask!

It’s like having this big reveal when you take it off. Your skin really does look more vibrant when you peel it away so it’s pretty sweet to see the before and after effect.

I hope this doesn’t sound weird but when you put the mask on it basically feels like having wintergreen gum on your skin! XD That’s the only way I know to describe it! It’s really very refreshing but it can be a bit of a shock when you first experience it if you’re not ready for it.

When I take off the mask I have to say that I agree with everything PUR says. My skin does look and feel plumper, hydrated, and refreshed. I have to give it PUR credit where credit is due. They do deliver on their promises.

Final Thoughts

I’m actually torn with this product!

On one hand this face mask does exactly what it says it will do. So with that in mind you would thing this is a product you should swipe up no worries. However it is pricey for how much you get. I have to be conscious of my budget Grimms. I can’t be buying this 24/7 at $26 a bottle. So do you see how this is a tough call?

So here’s my final thoughts…

I love it and I would buy it as often as possible if I had more money! For now I consider this to be a special treat so to speak not an absolute necessity of my beauty routine. I have different masks that I can use that are more budget friendly weekly and leave this as monthly thing. Leave it for those really rough Mondays that you just want to never experience again.

In conclusion this product works but you need to decide if it’s right for your budget or not!

Interested in getting this product? You can check it out yourself by clicking here.

I hope this review helped you out ❤ Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

PUR Agave Mask Picture taken from website

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