Time To Answer Your Questions

Yo Grimms!

In honor of my birthday I asked you all to submit your questions for a special question addition post! So thank you for all of your submissions and I hope you enjoy my answers.

Favorite anime you’ve ever watched as simulcast, if any?

I am actually a bit notorious for never watching an anime as it premiers XD I usually wait for the entire series to come out so I can straight binge it. The only anime I have watched as it came out is Haikyuu s3 (where’s my season four?!) and of course Yuri On Ice (I need the movie and season 2 please).

You can bet when their seasons return I will be watching them as they come out for sure! I do watch new shows but I tend to let episodes build up and then watch. So it’s not unusual for me to be quite a few episodes behind.

So with that said the favorite goes to Haikyuu with Yuri On Ice being close behind.


What was the happiest moment you had while watching anime?

There have been so many moments in anime that have been so happy! However there is one that immediately comes to mind.

* Spoiler Alert *

Guys! When my beautiful crows finally beat Shiratorizawa and advance to Nationals I could have died of joy ❤ ❤ ❤

Such an amazing moment and journey! SERIOUSLY I NEED MY SEASON FOUR DAMNIT!


Grimm questions2
My Boys ❤

Is there a post you have wanted to write for your blog but ended up not doing?

This actually happens a lot for me!

I have so many posts that I have wanted to blog about but haven’t gotten around to. A lot of it usually deals with time. The majority of posts that I tend to want to right but don’t do are posts that I have feel passionate about and tend to be more personal. For those reasons the post would need a lot of time to really do them justice.

I would like for instance to do some posts that deal with rape culture, feminism, racism, and a lot of that jazz. Those are really detailed posts. I’ve done a few already (and I have loved the feedback on them) but I’m really dedicated to make sure that I do these topics justice. They are so serious that I don’t want to just rush into them.


Where do you get your strength from?

I know I have talked about my depression before and as odd as it my sound but I feel that my strength really comes from having to deal with this. For me it has made me truly appreciate the happy moments I have in my life because I know for me those moments come with really dark ones. So to keep sane I can’t take them for granted.

I’ve talked about my friend from high school Adam as well but his tragic passing also gives me strength. No matter how bad my dark moments me get I always remember that Adam wanted life and even though he wanted life it was taken from him. The things I do are things he will never be able to do.

I think that is something we can all remember. There is always someone who would give anything to be alive and here we all are living. Make it count and don’t give up on the things you want.


Is there an anime that you really, really liked but you would never recommend to someone else? If yes, why?

I really liked Diabolik Lovers! I could never recommend this show to anyone though. People are probably so surprised when they hear that I like it and I couldn’t even quite explain to you why I like because it doesn’t have a strong storyline.

Grimm questions3

If you have never heard of it it’s basically about a bunch of abusive vampires and a human teen. They all have a sob story for why they’re dicks but it’s really know excuse for their behavior. Honestly this show includes everything I usually hate about any sort of show!

With that said I totally watched every episode…


Are you having a boy or a girl?

Drum Roll……

I have no idea XD We’re leaving it a surprise! We won’t know until our baby is born so place your bets now, the due date is in January ❤

Grimm questions4

Well everyone thank you so much for sending your questions! I look forward to your questions on my next birthday!


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17 thoughts on “Time To Answer Your Questions

  1. Ahhh, the Yuri!!! On ICE comraderie can never be beat, muahaha. Oh, and don’t be ashamed for liking Diabolik Lovers—most people don’t want to admit it’s just shoujo trash, but some good and hilarious trash at that. Thanks for answering and again, happy birthday!

    Liked by 1 person


    Same for me re DL! I guess it’s the vampire appeal — it’s a brush with death, really, and as such makes you feel more alive… There’s also that sensuality associated with a bite to the neck. *can’t believe she said that* 😅

    And oh my goodness! You’re expecting!!! Congratulations! And wishing you a safe pregnancy and delivery! 🎊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I still have to do my lady review of Liar 😅 I swear it will happen soon… ish.

      Right about DL! The only explanation I have for watching is that they’re hot lol. I really can’t recommend out on any other reason 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

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