Ask Away…

Yo Grimms!

Last week was my birthday and in honor of that I always do a post where I answer questions. I opened it up on Twitter already but I thought I’d post here as well.

I’ll be putting out the post on Saturday so please feel free to submit your questions below. They can be anime/makeup geared or just regular questions like, “Favorite ice cream.” Hell throw in some tough questions like, “What are your thoughts on Nietzsche.” 🙂 Go crazy ya’ll.

I’m pumped to see what’s asked and I can’t wait to get this post out.

Peace Grimms!

6 thoughts on “Ask Away…

  1. Okay, had to think about this one for a bit but here it comes : ” is there a post you have wanted to write for your blog, but ended up not doing ? If so what was it, and why did you not publish it ? ” 😊

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