Dragon Ball Season 1 Revisited: Well That Surprised Me

Hey Grimms,

I recently got my husband to watch Dragon Ball with me! It’s the first anime he’s ever watched all the way through. I was able to get him to watch a Dragonball movie and it sparked his interest so we decided to start watching the series together.

It has been so long since I have last seen  Dragon Ball! Honestly it’s kind of like watching it for the first time for me. I mean I remember most of the big stuff but I’ve kind of forgotten how things came about. There were also a few things that really through me off that I had completely forgotten about, but we’ll get to that later.

“Dragon Ball follows the adventures of an extrodinarily strong boy named Goku as he searches for the seven dragon balls. These balls, when combined, can grant the owner any one wish he desires. Along the way he makes new friends, and enemies, and he trains to become the strongest fighter in the world.” -IMDb 

First Reaction: Flow of Show

The above is a fairly good summary of the show but I would warn anyone starting this show not to be surprised that the dragon balls do take a bit of a back seat in this season. Don’t get me wrong they do look for dragon balls but I feel like that starts to become a secondary thing as we start to learn more about Goku. Not to mention as we watch Goku become more dedicated to training.

Reaction Two: Gotta Love the Potty Humor

Oh my goodness everyone I seriously forgot about all of the toilet jokes! You should’ve seen Adam’s (my husband’s) face the first time Goku whipped out his penis like it was nothing. First episode by the way! I have to say I was laughing myself. Seriously Goku is basically a nudist in season one.

On top of that there’s the pooping, peeing, stinky, and everything else type joke running rampant. You can’t get through an episode without hearing about diareah. One thing is clear in the Dragon Ball universe… everybody poops.

Reaction Three: WHOA RAPE CULTURE! I’m going to need you to tone it down.

Before watching this I told Adam that Master Roshi was a pervert but I had really forgotten the extent. I didn’t even remember Oolong! My young brain must of blocked it out because that character is the worst! Adam was incredibly disturbed by him right along with me.

Spoiler Alert!

At one point Oolong literally date rape drugs both Goku and Bulma so that he can grope and look at Bulma without interupption. Luckily his plan doesn’t quite work out but still, what the hell! That’s not okay. I hate when we as a society act like stuff like this is funny because it’s not. It’s so scary!

Oolong basically spends the entire series doing stuff like that and it is completely cringe worthy. To be honest if you have experienced any sort of trauma in your life you might want to proceed with caution if you decide to watch this season.

Master Roshi isn’t that much better. I remember him being this perverted man who liked to look at dirty magazines and got nosebleeds when girls looked at him. I feel like that’s what he becomes later on in the series but in this first season he’s pretty bad.

He’s not drugging anyone like Oolong but he’s certainly pressing his advantage. Which is horrifying. Bulma takes the brunt of his attacks and I just want to remind everyone that she’s still just a kid! I mean she’s only 15 or 16 so Master Roshi making passes at her is unacceptable.

He’s constantly asking to put his face in her boobs/touch them or trying to get her to trade things by her flashing her panties for him. Can we just take a moment to realize how unfunny this stuff is? She’s a young girl and he is a full grown man who is using his age to take advantage of her sexually.

This type of relationship happens a lot in real life. I remember when I was in high school going to the prom and we stopped at a bowling alley beforehand. When we went to leave this group of really old men stopped us and one of them was telling me how pretty I was. Then he basically pulled me on to his lap and said, “Now don’t you worry I’m just an old man but you’re so pretty I wish I was younger. Who’s your date? You better treat this pretty one right tonight. I know I would.” Then him and all of his old friends laughed.

I was so humiliated! I didn’t know what to do though and neither did my friends. I mean these were elderly men that we were all taught to respect. So I just giggled along and we all said we really needed to go and then left as quick as possible.

It wasn’t funny at all. Sadly this wasn’t the first time an elderly man had made me uncomfortable like that and it wouldn’t be the last. Talk to some of your friends around you. You’ll hear some stories. Not just from women either. This happens with men too. 

Needless to say those instances in Dragon Ball were really awful for me and I really hate seeing stuff like that!

Final Thoughts

It was fun rewatching this season (minus the rape culture) and I got a kick out of seeing all the young characters. I have to admit that I kind of forgot that there was a time Krillin wasn’t sooo far behind Goku! 

As immature as it is a still laugh at all of the toilet humor. It’s so silly that I can’t help myself! 

I do wish that first season had a more compelling bad guy though. There’s nobody that really gives the characters a good run for their money. Makes you really miss Freezer that’s for sure.

Enjoy the rest of your day Grimms! If you’ve seen the first season oif Dragon Ball comment below with your thoughts for other readers to consider. You all got my perspective but there are so many more 🙂 If you’ve never seen this season before what do you think after reading this? Do you think you’ll give it a try?

Let me know ❤

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