30 Day Lipstick Challenge: Day 18 Watermelon Soda

Hey Grimms 🙂

Thanks for all the love and support you all have shown me since announcing my pregnancy! You all made my day <

I guess my new goal should be to finish this lipstick challenge before the baby is born! Only 12 more days left on the challenge so I might actually make it. 

Today’s lipstick is brought to you by Jeffree Star  Cosmetics. It’s a beautiful matte liquid lipstick and it’s color (as the young kids say) is popping. This shade is called Watermelon Soda and I have to say the name fits it perfectly.

Watermelon Soda is vibrant! This shade comes from Jeffree’s summer collection (2016 edition) so it’s meant to be fun and summery. The first time I wore it I have to admit it was out of my comfort zone. In fact it was months after I first tried it that I tried it again! Initially I was just afraid it didn’t look good on me.

This is exactly why it takkes me so long to do a review though. First impressions can’t be taken as gospel. This lipstick is proof of that. After I got over the first shock and tried it again I fell in love! While at first I wasn’t sure now I absolutely adore how it looks on my skin tone. 

I wear this when I’m feeling bold. This shade really grabs your attention! I’ve never worn it to work although I think I could. Mostly I’ve worn it out and about for lunch dates and canoeing even!

I hope you all enjoyed this. I’m sorry to say that this was a limited time only shade for last year’s summer collection. If your heart is set on buying this shade may the makeup gods be with you because I don’t know how you’ll find this!

I hope you can though because I think it’s awesome ❤

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