Three Anime Characters That Describe GrimmGirl

Hi Grimms,

I hope you all were able to catch yesterday’s livestream! Today I thought I’d post something a little fun. It’s been a while since I posted on a Sunday so why not do something a little out of the ordinary, am I right?

I actually got this idea from Twitter! Recently I was tagged by the fabulous Lita Kino in a post that read “Explain yourself in three characters and tag 10 other people” so I of course followed through. Things like that are always pretty fun to me and I enjoy seeing what characters everyone else choses. It’s always really interesting to see!

That’s when this post idea came to me! I decided to take this Twitter challenge and turn it into a post by explaining why I choose the three characters that I did. I hope you all enjoy my choices!


One: Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon

Describe Yourself Usagi

I mentioned this before in my 30 Day Anime Challenge Post but Usagi and I are remarkable similar. We love to eat, read manga/play video games, and we can’t be on time for anything to save our lives. Your first impression of Usagi would probably be your first impression of me! I’m sure at first glance I seem a little unreliable and a bit of a bun head so to speak.

That’s just at first glance though! Much like Usagi I feel like I get it right when it matters most! I may not always be the bravest person in the room when it comes to myself but when it comes to others I have no problem telling you exactly what I think. I will defend other people until my last breath.

Much like Usagi I make mistakes… A lot of them, but I try my best! I try to think of others and to look at things from a different perspective. The fact that Usagi can be a completely goofball and totally serious and vulnerable at the same time is exactly why I can relate to her. She may seem like a ditz at first glance but the girl is a wealth of emotions. I find often times that is the people that are so focused on making sure that those around us are happy that cry the hardest, like Usagi’s character they don’t want others to feel sadness and it hurts when they do. It’s for reasons like this that she’s my favorite character in the series.


Two: Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

Describe yourself lucy

Gah! When people say they find Lucy annoying it’s like stabbing me in the heart and wrenching it about I swear! I completely get her character because I can relate to her. On the outside she looks carefree and seems to always have a smile on her face, but throughout the show you realize that this hasn’t always been the case.

She has suffered through a lot of hardships and even though initially you may think that she has nothing to complain about and leads a perfect life as her story unfolds you realize that this is not the case. What I like best about Lucy is it takes time for the people around her to see all of the different parts about her. I find that to be realistic. As she grows trust in her friends around her she is able to open up more with them and rely on them.

Another thing I can relate to is the fact that she decides to create her own family and home in a sense. She grows up feeling like she doesn’t belong but instead of giving up she decides to find/build a place where she does. The guild is what she found but her friendships with the other members she built on her own. I find that inspiring and reflective of some of the choices I’ve made in my own life.


Three: Naruto Uzamaki from Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

Describe Yourself Naruto

I’ve got to give my last spot on the list to Naruto! First off I fricken love both of these shows and I cannot hear a word against them. I understand that we all have our own tastes buuuutttt how can anyone not like this show?!

Sigh, moving on!

Much like the above to characters I can relate a lot to the fact that Naruto didn’t become a badass right out of the gate. He wasn’t born a natural prodigy. He had to work really hard to get others to recognize him and to become the man he is today. Quite frankly not a lot of people thought that he was going to make it but he did!

Even though it was hard and grueling he kept at it. I can relate to that a lot. We can’t go back and change our pasts and we can’t control how people interact with us. When however chose how we respond to these situations and how we plan on moving forward. I feel like Naruto and I share that ability to do these things. Again, just like me there’s room for growth and we both make mistakes all of the time but isn’t that part of being human?

I know I’m going to make mistakes but like Naruto I can do my best to learn from them!


I hope you all enjoyed this post ❤

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and be sure to comment below with three characters you feel describe you and why. I would love to learn more about everyone!

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10 thoughts on “Three Anime Characters That Describe GrimmGirl

  1. Oh cool! That gives a general perspective on your personality huh?
    Strangely enough for me, my three characters would be dominated by guys, despite being a girl, haha.
    1) Kudou Senri- I keep saying this but he’s practically a cooler version of me… in everything and all regards.
    2) Ren Tsuruga- He’d turn the world upside down for those he cares about, I’d like to think I’d do the same.. His general personality especially when he’s angry is similar to me too…
    3) Kyoko Mogami- Her views on love and mine are pretty much equal. Except that she fell in love.

    These are the three I can think of for now…. But there are a lot more characters that represent me…
    Cool idea though!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can totally see why you chose these 3 characters. I posted mine on Twitter, but I’m gonna copy you & make a blog post about this explaining my choices. Great idea, President! Anyway, now we know just a little bit more about you as a person. Thank you for sharing, Kat!

    Liked by 2 people

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