Livestream Tonight! 6/03/17 7pm CTS/8pm EST

Hello my lovely Grimms!

I hope you all are having a fine weekend. I just wanted to drop a quick line reminding everyone that since it is the end of our Strength OWLS Blog Tour the wonderful Lita Kino from Lita Kino Anime Corner, Pokeninja90 from Nice Job Breaking it Hero, and myself will be hosting our monthly OWLS Livestream!

We host it on our Official OWLS YouTube Channel and if you can make it I highly recommend it! I always find them to be a lot of fun and it’s a great way to chat with other anime fans. We also go through all of the blog posts for the month and give our perspectives on what we enjoyed about the posts.

Of course this is us we’re talking about so expect to get a little off topic and here some off the wall ideas! I find us to be simply hilarious but you should really check us out to see for yourself. I think we should start playing a new game where we see how long it takes for one of us to mention Haikyuu, yaoi, or food! Trust me it won’t take very long.

Our stream tonight will be at 7pm CST/8pm EST and we stream for quite a while. So if you can’t make it at the start just pop in when you can, I’m sure we will still be going! Our livestream will be held on our Official OWLS YouTube Channel. I will include that link below along with Lita’s, Pokeninja90’s, myself, and our OWLS Twitter pages. I highly recommend following at least one of them to get a heads up on future streams. We also post the link when we go live on all of those locations, which is another reason to follow at least one!

Official OWLS Youtube Channel

Official OWLS Twitter

Lita Kino’s Official Twitter

Pokeninja90’s Official Twitter

GrimmGirl’s Official Twitter

Finally if you missed our last livestream catch up before tonight… If you have the time! It was our longest livestream yet ❤

See you tonight Grimms!

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