Flashback Friday with Pokeninja 90

Hey Grimms,

I apologize that I have been so off of my game this week! I admit I have been feeling a little off my A-Game. Something must be going around in my neck of the wood because I am just not feeling it! I’ve been feeling sick since the weekend so I’ve had zero time to schedule posts like usual and I have this very irritating migraine on top of everything that just won’t go away!

I’m getting a brief moment of peace though so I decided to do a quick Flashback Friday while I had the chance. I’m still continuing my series on our first OWLS Blog Tour and I hope you all have been enjoying these short bursts down memory lane. Also if you are new to the OWLS scene this is a great chance to see us in our beginning glory. I can’t believe we’ve been going strong for five months!

This Flashback Friday goes to one of my favorite bloggers out there, the undisputed Otome Queen Pokeninja 90 from Nice Job Breaking It Hero. She is head of PR for OWLS so if you’re part of the community you’ve probably noticed our Twitter, Facebook, and OWLfical Website (see what I did there). You can thank her and the rest of our PR team for all of the greatness!

Pokeninja 90’s first post for our OWLS Disruptors Tour was on Cowboy Bebop and the ways in which the characters of the show were disruptors but also how Cowboy Bebop disrupted anime itself. I LOVE Cowboy Bebop so the minute I saw that Pokeninja 90 was writing about this show for OWLS I was beyond pumped!

I hope you all find time over this wonderful weekend to check it out as well! Her post [OWLS Blog Tour] How the Moral Ambiguity of the Bounty Hunter Disrupts the Hero Narrative of Mainstream Anime is worth traveling back to January 23, 2017 I assure you ❤

Enjoy the weekend Grimms! I’m hoping to be more active next week. Thanks for sticking with me!


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