Liar Uncover the Truth: The Scam Artist

Otome Monday!

I’m back with more Voltage Inc awesomeness and their game Liar! Uncover the Truth. Grimms we are getting close to the end of the craziness that has been this game. As I have said throughout this trek I will try to keep this as spoiler free as possible however if you really stack each review against each other you will notice as men drop off and can start to gage who has been eliminated.

So don’t be freaking Sherlock Holmes if you want it spoiler free!

Our 8th Liar is a con artist and it is up to us to unmask him! There are a few options still left on the table and I have to say that at this point in the game I don’t want it to be any of them!

Our MC begins to get suspicious of the men left on the field when and old friend mentions the possibility of being taken in by a “Sweetheart Scam”. This is when somebody basically gets someone to fall in love with him or her in order to steal their hard earned money! You never see it coming because you are so in love with them.

Talk about low. I mean when you are in love you always want to expect the best in them! To pry on that vulnerability is completely wretched. I honestly didn’t want any of these left of men to be capable of this sort of villainy. Sadly this is Liar! Uncover the Truth and one of these men are going to have to get the boot.

The question is who?

Will it be Shotoro Shiga?

8th Liar3

I’m torn on this! I mean he really seems to be too serious to be a con artist… but maybe that is the perfect cover! He plays the cool and collected doctor because who would ever suspect that? I mean why would a doctor need to scam people out of money? The make quite a bit on their own! However this is Voltage Inc we’re talking about here. He very well could be in a mountain of debt for one reason or another. Or maybe he’s a pathological liar and isn’t even a doctor! I don’t want to suspect Shotoro but I can’t help but remember that he asked the MC to marry him after (I believe) two dates! I mean that seems really crazy not to mention suspicious right about now!



It could be Itaru Yuikawa…

8th Liar

Again Itaru seems like a nice guy but so did the rest of them! I can’t trust someone just because they seem nice. To be fair Itaru has had a few moments throughout this game that is making me question his honesty. While he hasn’t been caught as a liar YET that doesn’t mean that he still isn’t one! I can’t help to remember that at the beginning of the game Shotoro and Itaru seemed like they had some bad history. Is it possible that Itaru scammed a family member or friend of Shotoro?! Or vice versa? The plot thickens!

We can’t exclude Azusa Kurono!

8th Liar2

I don’t want it to be him. I really don’t. He is absolutely adorable and I quite frankly have a bit of a bias for him. Now is not the time to be taken in by cute gestures and a happy-go-lucky attitude! That is just the sort of thing that will get you taken in by a con artist in this game. While Azusa seems fun her sure doesn’t hesitate to spend money. Maybe it comes from all of his hard work illustrating and working on design, or MAYBE he has scammed it all! I mean I bet people are a lot more free with their money when it isn’t even really theirs. One has to keep on their toes!

A few thoughts

Damn it!!!

I really didn’t want to let any of these men go but I’ll be damned if someone is going to work a Sweetheart Scam on MC. Not on my watch I tell you. So in the end I had to see this liar for what he really was. A jerkoff!

As the Liar tries to play it off he never makes these women part with their hard earned cash. They do it because they want to. That right there is the problem. They want to because you’ve played on their emotions! You have made them feel like you love them and they love you and when you are in a committed relationship you want to do whatever you can to support your significant other!

There are a lot of dirty scams in this world but the Sweetheart Scam is one of the lowest! I feel like 90’s Sailor Moon right now, “How dare you trick these young maidens! In the name of the Moon I shall punish you!”

8th Liar4
Hold my purse Tuxedo Mask… I need to dispense some justice.

That being said Voltage Inc really got me good with this one. I mean this character was so well done I couldn’t help but sit here like, “Maybe there’s been a mistake!” There wasn’t a mistake though so kick this guy to the curb MC! As soon as the truth starts coming out you see a whole different side of this guy and trust me there isn’t anything sweet about him!

There in lies the problem with con artists. They worm your way into your heart and make you believe in them. That’s why it’s so hard to spot them! Especially with a scam like this! Can anyone honestly say they’re going to suspect the person they love?


So like I said above this guy and his little scam is just about as low as you can get!

Now to the endings!

Bad End

So the MC gets taken in by the scam and it of course does not go well. To be fair this ending seems a bit exaggerated what with the Liar basically taking her for all she’s worth. I say exaggerated not because I don’t think this could happen but because it doesn’t jive with the characters MO. His scam is to get women to fall in love with him, propose to them, then tell a sob story to get them to offer to give him money, after that he ditches them. Technically there is nothing illegal about what he’s doing… that doesn’t mean he isn’t a douche though! In this ending he literally steals everything from the MC. So that’s a bit of an upgrade

Secret End

This shows the liar’s reaction to his proposal to the MC and hints at some hidden feels… I’m sorry I’m still mad about the whole scam in general so I would like to kick this Liars feels right down his throat. What can I say? I’m jilted.

True End

We see how the Liar fell into a life of scamming. This is actually pretty realistic. It doesn’t excuse his behavior but it is gives us some insight. Through this we see how trying to help his family warped his personality. Again I’m not giving him a pass but it does make you think about what you would do to help the people you love survive.

Love End

As it turns out the Liar really does love the MC. However I can’t get 100% behind this because all of the horrible things he said while being uncovered keep running through my head! Also what about all the women he scammed? Is he going to give that money back? I mean come on Voltage! I need a little more substance.

Scumbag End

I think the ending says it all. In the word of Hermione Granger, “What an idiot.”

8th Liar5.gif

I can’t believe we are this close to the end of this game! Thanks for sticking around and I’ll catch you next week!


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