30 Day Lipstick Challenge: Day 16 Deception

As God is my witness…

I will finish this Lipstick Challenge!
We are on “Day” 16 and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Seriously with all of the selfies I take on Instagram you’d think this would be a done deal. However never underestimate my ability to simply put things off. I will always rise to the challenge.

Today’s lipstick is brought to you by Nine Three Beauty! It’s a product that I haven’t reviewed on GrimmGirl yet, but I desperately need too. Not only do I need to add more Nine Three Beauty to the site but this is actually a really cool color!


I’m not sure if this picture does this color justice but it is a chocolate brown with a green/purple sheen to it! Does that sound a little weird? It might but I promise you it is very cool. Once again I can’t speak enough on the gratification you can get makeup wise by thinking a little outside of the box and trying something new.

I really enjoy Nine Three Beauty’s Deception Lip color. It’s uniqueness isn’t completely over the top so it’s one of those cool colors you can wear anywhere. You can be fun will being professional. If you’re someone that is a little too nervous to try something super bold a lipstick like this can be a really great compromise.

I hope you enjoy this color and it gives you something new to look for. You sadly cannot buy this exact color from Nine Three Beauty but I will provide the link below so you can check out some of their other products!

Nine Three Beauty

Check you later Grimms!

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