Three Things You Should Know About The Liar! Uncover the Truth Spring Break Event


Looks like you lot are getting a double dose of otome this week! There could be worse ways to spend a Wednesday am I right? If you have been playing Liar! Uncover the Truth by Voltage Inc than you know that they currently have a Spring Break Event going on.

Here are three things you should know about this event before barreling in!

The Demons For Your Past Are Back

Spring Break2
I’m not saying THESE two are demons but some of them are… It could be these two though. You really never know.

Please know that when I say this I am not being seductive. I know that they idea of demons has sparked many a delicious otome game but this is not what I mean!

What I mean is that if you have finished the game or have even just played a few routes understand that in this Spring Break Event takes place before she finds out all their dirty little secrets! Imagine my surprise when men whom I have already unearthed as no good rotten liars started waltzing into the MC’s life as if nothing had happened!

I mean in her timeline nothing has happened but in MY timeline I already know how douchey some of these men are! When the “Liar with Anger Issues” and the “Fanboy Liar” popped up I almost feel out of my chair. “GAAAAAAHHH RUN AWAY!!!” I wanted to shout at the MC but sadly I cannot. I just have to follow her lead and cringe every time she thinks they have done something nice.

Flirt Time Gets Real

This is not the Flirt Time you have grown used to in regular game mode. For starters you are timed. That’s right you have 15 seconds to pop out an answer and if you don’t it defaults to whatever option A is. Talk about being pressed for time. On top of that the questions (in my opinion) are way harder! They have etiquette questions and whatnot. That is not my bag to be honest so I have not been rocking these answers.

Not only are the questions timed and harder but you still have to use energy for them! It’s kind of a bummer because it’s not on it’s own energy spectrum. The energy you use for the Spring Break Event is the same energy you need to use for the regular mode of playing. So unless you want to buy energy you need to split them up accordingly or take turns using them for either game play.

Oh and the cool points you acquire during Flirt Time only go towards the event you are in. For example just because you have 1,000 cool points in the regular mode of Liar! Uncover the Truth does not mean you have 1,000 for the Spring Break Event. You start out a zero in the Spring Break Event and have to work your way up.

Make sense?

Luckily you do not use your tickets for this route. WHEW! That’s some good news.

Our MC Is Pretty Ballsy

Spring Break3
This is the face of a woman who gives ZERO F’s

I mean seriously. Prepare yourself because she is not only stacking up multiple dates in the same day but in the same place… at basically the same time! I mean at one point three of her men are all in the same location. How crazy is that.

All I have to say is that if she gets caught she has a lot of explaining to do. Not only that but she doesn’t realize that quite a few of these men are total psychos. If they find out about each other she’s a goner. She’s putting my stress levels at ultimate levels.

Final Thoughts


This is actually pretty fun. I mean some of these men I actually want to see again… Yakuza Boss I’m looking at you. So having them pop back up into my life is pretty swell. I could do without the serious creepers though. Like the man “With Anger Issues” and the “Fanboy” could leave this planet forever. Oh, and take the “Cheater” with you!

Luckily that douchbag hasn’t shown up yet and it better stay that way! This is a new phone and I would hate to have it replaced because I accidently damaged it chucking it at a wall in a fit of rage after seeing that stupid guy!

So if you have some free time on your hands and want more out of Liar! Uncover the Truth than this is a pretty amusing way to pass the time!

Peace and Love Grimms I’m off to play more otome!

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