Lipstick Challenge Day 15: Crocodile Tears


It has become apparent to me that I totally suck at challenges, in the sense that I am in no way on the ball and consistent at posting. I know that like with my 30 Day Anime Challenge I will eventually finish but I thought I would just take a moment to say, “Please excuse my life.”

On the brightside look! I’m on “Day” 15, which means I am halfway through this challenge! Huzzah! Thank you all for sticking with me. I’d like to say that I will be more consistent in posting but let’s be real… That’s just a lie.

So here you have it Day 15 is brought to you by Jeffree Star Cosmetics and his shade Crocodile Tears. Get a load of all that green. Isn’t it magnificent? I am honestly in love with this dark green and I wear it out and about all the time. I mean I don’t wear it to work but basically everywhere else is up for grabs.

I know that it can be a little nerve-racking to wear such a bold color but I say if you like it go for it! Honestly I put off wearing bold colors for quite some time because I was more worried about what other people than I was about what I actually like. It is one thing not to want to wear a color of lipstick because it is not your style; it’s a completely different matter to not wear it because you think other people will be judging you.

So if there’s a bold color you’ve always wanted to try I say go for it! Honestly I think you will be surprised at home many people actually dig it, and for the people who don’t… Who cares! Trust me it’s much better to wear and dress the way you want than it is to try to meet other people’s expectations. At least if you always do what you want you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re comfortable in your own skin.

Thanks again for sticking around this challenge with me! If you have any interest in this particular shade of awesome you are out of luck! This was part of the limited edition holiday selection.

Sorry Grimms!

If you have a favorite green shade comment below. Also just for full disclosure I added some Sugarpill eyeshadow over this lipstick at the center of my lips ❤ Until next time!

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