Liar Uncover the Truth: The Addict

Welcome Back Grimms!

My Liar! Uncover the Truth quest continues. Last time I had to say goodbye to my Yakuza Boss and I took it a little hard. Turns out that when role-playing in a fantasy world I’m not opposed to a man on the wrong side of the law. Who knew?

I will continue trying to keep these reviews as spoiler free as possible but if you really stack the reviews against each other and do some detective work you’ll notice as men slowly get eliminated.

So if you want to keep these reviews spoiler free I suggest you put your Sherlock hat away for now.

We’ve gone through many a man at this point and some of them have been real winners. I’m just kidding they have scarring and terrifying. At this point though I feel like I’m getting really good at calling out the Liar as I go through each route, my skills have been sharpened in order to survive.

So imagine my surprise when this route once again was able to pull the rug out from under me once again!

In this route we’re on the hunt for a no good ADDICT. Will this addict be a drug addict, work addict, shop addict, or addicted to the ladies of the night? Well we have to play the route to find out!

From the get go I thought I had this route in the bag! I was for sure I pinned down the addict and his addiction in record time. Turns out I was both right and horribly wrong at the same time. How is that possible? Because this is Voltage and they have a knack for throwing us all for a loop.

So get ready for another crazy ride otome lovers.

So what men do we have to choose from this time around?


Sotaro Shiga is a surgeon and from all appearances seems very great at his job. Being the wife of a doctor doesn’t sound that bad at all until you start taking into account a doctor’s hectic work schedule! I mean when a man list his hobby as work you have to wonder whether or not he’s found a good balance between his work life and romantic life. You don’t want to get all the way down the aisle before you realize that you’ll be spending the rest of your marriage alone with your husband working all of the time.


Azusa Kurono is young and tons of fun. In a lot of ways he seems the exact opposite of Sotaro! While Sotaro has the whole “cool and aloof” mentality working for him, Sotaro is the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to laugh with you. It’s always a ton of fun with Azusa around! Life should be about balance though and while Azusa isn’t spending his life tied to the desk working he might be spending too much time away from it! Azusa is the type of guy to spend money on not only himself but also those around him at possible a shocking rate. I mean does he have the money to back up all of his purchases?


Itaru Yuikawa seems like the perfect gentleman but is that just a façade? He works in a very high stakes world as a Foreign Exchange Trader and it isn’t uncommon for men in his line of work to frequent hostess bars. It’s one thing to frequent these establishments for work or to kick back with your friends… It’s quite another thing to be financing the women who work there and their lifestyles. I mean I certainly don’t want my husband buying another woman an apartment!


Kazumi Kagami is a little older which should mean that he’s mature and possible ready to create the family you have always dreamed of. He’s an author though and that means he frequently spends time with the celebrities of the Japanese world. We all know that with that amount of money the parties can quickly get out of hand. You know what they say, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Is it possible that our sophisticated Kazumi is indulging in the stereotypical celebrity life style?

Final Thoughts

What can I say?

Voltage got me again with this route! For the second time in a row I’m actually sad to see one of these Liars go. I mean this was never one of the guys I was really rooting for but after getting the full story I’m a little heartbroken over everything. I can’t go into much more detail than that but while this man can’t be the husband the MC needs I really do want him to find happiness in life.

Prepare yourself now for some feels.

Bad End The MC says the hell with it and decides to be with this liar… With of course disastrous results. Knowing what I now know about this Liar I wonder if this is really how it will all go down.

Secret End We get to see everything from the Liar’s perspective and let me be real. It’s 100% HEARTBREAKING. Usually I feel zero sympathy for these liars but I have to admit this one pulled at the ‘ol heartstrings.

True End We take a stroll down memory lane aka the liars childhood moments. Glimpsing through these we are able to see how the Liar became the man he is today.

Love End The MC decides to throw caution to the wind and be with this Liar but with better results then the above bad end. IF the MC were to be with the Liar I would hope for this result. Again it’s not often I root for the Love End but there’s an exception to every rule.

Scumbag End Not going to lie this end just makes me want to cry. It’s basically what happens to our Liar after he loses the MC. I would like to take a moment to ugly cry about this.

Crying gif

So there you have it folks, our 7th Liar! I have to say that this was a pretty enjoyable route to play because Voltage really upped their game in order to make sure that they were still through surprises at the player. I mean what with all of their other Liars it’s hard to keep topping them but Voltage is not one to disappoint.

This route proves that!

Peace and Love Otome Fans ❤


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