Transferring Game Data On Voltage: A Tragedy

Hey Grimms 😀

I running late today but Otome Monday is still happening. I have had just the craziest past few days so zero time to blog or schedule post or much of anything! Expect run around like a crazy person.

Today’s post is a little bit of a departure from my usual posts but some very important information for everyone who’s a fan of Voltage Inc games. It’s about transferring game data. For example if you lose your tablet with all of your games does that mean you have to re-buy everything? Or if you buy a new phone and switch from Apple to Samsung is all of your hard work lost?

I recently did both of these things and let me tell you… This story does not end happily. So don’t be like me people. Learn from this tragic story and make sure you have everything ready to transfer in case of an emergency!

So here is the thing with Voltage games. There are two ways that you are able to transfer data (that I am aware of) and you need to check the game you are playing in order to know which way you will have to go about this. As I mentioned above I lost my tablet. I am convinced that it is somewhere in my house because I never bring it anywhere!

I seriously use my tablet strictly for otome… Do you think I want to bring that bad boy to a family gathering and have my nine year old niece poking around in there while I’m not looking. Hell no. The kid can read people!!! I rather not explain to her or her parents about what these games are about thank you very much.

So it has got to be in my house, but we can’t find it anywhere and it’s been since November! At the time my daughter was going through this phase where she would hid things but forget where she put them. We usually found them after a few days but we are still unable to find this table.

Do you know how many games I had on there?!!!!!! A FREAKING LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. I do not feel like I am being dramatic.

On top of that do you know how much progress I had on there? How many screenshots I had acquired? How many secondary routes I have accomplished. Do you know how many bad ends I had to suffer to get through The Joker’s route on Amnesia Memories?!!!!


As you can see this has been a very traumatic time for me. I even tried to transfer my data but it wouldn’t transfer to my computer (mac) or my Iphone, which has zero space for anything. Yesterday however I got a new phone and it looked like I might be able to save this tragic situation.

First I re-downloaded Liar! Uncover the Truth and it was a piece of cake. You see I had previously made one of those transfer account things so all I had to do was type in my email and password. Like magic all of my hard earned Liar routes (which I had been playing on my Iphone) we’re on my beautiful Samsung.

I had hope people. I had hope.

That was until I started downloading the rest of my Voltage games like Enchanted in the Moonlight and Scandal in the Spotlight and every other game you have seen me review on here (and many that you haven’t seen me review yet)! I started noticing a horrible trend when trying to transfer my game data.

See unlike Liar Uncover the Truth they weren’t looking for my transfer username and password… Oh no. They were looking for a specific code or letters and numbers.

Where would these specific codes be? You guessed it… On my tablet.

You see when you down load a Voltage game you can go into the tab marked “transfer” and they will give you a specific code. You need to keep track of this code because when a day comes around like say I don’t know you LOSE YOUR TABLET and you go to transfer your data, you will need to import that specific code on to your new device.

If you do not have that code there is NOTHING VOLTAGE CAN DO. Seriously, there is nothing. You just have to rebuy the games and call it a day.

Now why doesn’t Voltage have everything the way they have Liar! Uncover the Truth? The world shall never know but they don’t and now I’m screwed. So to avoid this in the future I will be re-downloading games and I will be putting all of their stupid codes in a word doc on my computer that will hopefully never be lost so in the event of an emergency I can still transfer data.

If you are reading this I seriously advise you to put your codes somewhere safe too!

The jury is still out on Amnesia Memories I might be able to salvage something but the morale of this story is make sure you know how to transfer your game data before you really need too.

See you Grimms later… If you hear any anguished cries tonight you’ll know why.

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Actual picture of me right now.

11 thoughts on “Transferring Game Data On Voltage: A Tragedy

  1. I’m guessing the “find my device” feature didn’t help? Doesn’t show where it was last used? I thought I lot my iPad or that it was stolen for a couple of hours, so I can only imagine the panic if you’re tablet has been missing for a couple of days!

    I do wonder why companies don’t make it easier to transfer over all your data to a new device. I was setting up my new tablet, and I was disappointed to see that the weekly challenges for a game I play didn’t register on my new device. Hope you don’t have to redo all those routes!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for this article! I haven’t lost anything and I’m not planning to move my games between devices anytime soon, but I was struggling to find a way to at least keep track/save everything I’ve done because, y’know, JUST IN CASE.

    Thank you!

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  3. I deleted liar and forgot to make a transfer save and I was so close to the ending but oh well I learnt from that so when I started again on my Samsung tablet which sadly only has 8GB I only had enough space for liar,love live and two other games my sister likes and liar needs a massive update with a couple hundred MB and I have to move it to my iPhone and I entered my data and it still won’t transfer from my emails the link in the email is invalid and won’t load but I haven’t been able to play for around 2 years straight how can I get the link to work so I can transfer my data ;-;


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