Let’s Talk About The French Wardrobe

Grimms ❤

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I know I am! If you don’t know already I personally live in a somewhat cold climate. If you are from America you know the Midwest tends to get a wee bit chilly in the winter months. By that I mean expect snow and below zero temperatures from at LEAST November to March… Sometimes April… Sometimes May.


This weekend is beautiful for us though, what with temperatures in the 60’s 😀 We’re in heaven right now! It also means that our beloved winter is ending, spring is coming into full swing, and summer is right around the corner. With the weather changing it usually means… New wardrobe.

Now here’s the thing about buying clothing, we need to be careful when we make purchases. The clothing industry is rife with exploitation and our buying habits can support that. Just like when we buy makeup our purchases can support cruelty by being tested on animals and our clothing choices can support cruelty by hurting humans.

This becomes very noticeable when we look at fast fashion. Just a reminder but fast fashion is, “A contempory term used by fashion retailers to express that designs move from catwalk quickly to capture current fashion trends.”

In order to make things quicker and get them into stores as fast as possible garments are made cheaper and the workers are paid so much less than minimum wage it’s crazy.

The only way a company can make a shirt for five dollars is if they are paying their workers poverty wages and have the knowledge that you will be back. How do they know you’ll be back? Because that five dollar shirt is only going to last a few weeks (if that) before it tears or gets some sort of hole in it and you’ll waltz back in for a new shirt. Not only will you end up spending more money, which will contribute to sweatshop factories, but that shirt will get thrown away which is killing the environment.

So what can we do to help?

First off… Let’s avoid this.

Buy second hand or high-end from a company with transparency. The company should feel comfortable discussing how much they play their garment workers and things like that. We can also do our best to keep our wardrobes small. What I mean is that it’s not good to constantly buy new items and throw out old ones to pollute our environment.

Clothing ends up in landfills and trust me… It takes quite some time to break down. The amount of tossed aside clothing is an environmental nightmare.

So today I want to talk about something I try to live by which is the idea of a French Wardrobe. If you have never heard of this it basically means that you limit your wardrobe. This way you are able to keep your clothing waste down and also save money, which gives you the ability to buy a high-end product when necessary.

So first off you need to make sure that you have a good assortment of basics. Basics are things like shirts (without graphics) or other things you cannot live without and can wear over and over again. Basically when you think basic you need to think timeless. Items that even 5 years from now you can still incorporate in your wardrobe without people thinking, “Whoa. Acid wash, lightening patterned jeans, with bows… That’s so two seasons ago.”

Okay I exaggerate on what becomes trendy but you get what I mean!

You get your basics and then you build your sense of style around them. Each season you allow yourself to buy up to five items to either replace or add to your wardrobe. This cuts down on clothing costs and the amount of clothes you are willing to toss out. It also means that you have to put in a lot of thought as to what you are going to buy.

If you know you only get five things to add to your summer wardrobe you are going to think before you buy so that you don’t have any regrets. These items you choose do not have to be basics but can also build around your basics. For instance my basic skinny jeans are going to look different if I pair them with heels and a blazer versus my chucks and an anime graphic tee. You want basics that you can build around but you also want stand out pieces that make your wardrobe your own.

You need to use your five items for all of that! So be careful with your choices.

With that in mind I guarantee you are going to think long and hard about buying those shorts that you only kind of like even though they are such a good price. I’m going to have to through in a snarky eye roll for that thought because let’s get real. It doesn’t matter how good the price is if you don’t even really like it! If you limit your ability to just get something different next week you are going to be more strict in making sure that you love the items you are buying.

I mean how often do we buy something we kind of like at the store only to have it pushed back in our closet where it never sees the light of day. Who cares if it was only $15 if we never even wear it, am I right? That’s basically just $15 straight down the drain that we could’ve saved for something we actually adore.

Let’s also avoid this scenario :p

Since spring is here I have already started purchasing my five items! I’ll be doing a post later this week, showing off my wares for the new season so look forward to that! If you are interested in learning more about what a French Wardrobe would look like check out this link by WhoWhatWear. I find it to be very well written! You can also always ask any questions below

Don’t forget to look out for my post on some of my thrifty finds this week. Let me know in the comments below what your first impressions of the French Wardrobe are. Do you think it is something you could start doing?

Until tomorrow Grimms ❤

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