Flashback Friday With Crimson: OWLS Disruptor Blog Tour: Connections in Erased and How A Single Person CAN Make a Difference

Hola Grimms,

It’s Flashback Friday Time! Before my little break I was reblogging posts from our OWLS Disruptors Tour. This is the first tour that the OWLS group ever did so it’s pretty magical I’d say. I’m going to continue this theme and then switch things up after I’ve gone through everyone for this tour.

Today we shall travel to January 20, 2017 with Crimson from myfujoshilife to take a deeper look at the anime Erased. Sadly this is an anime that I haven’t seen and I truly mean sadly because the picture Crimson paints of this show looks awesome!

For this tour Crimson really dug deep and examined the idea that one person can make a difference. Sometimes the idea of making a difference seems so huge and overwhelming but we need to keep perspective! We can each make a difference and while the difference may seem small at the time it can have huge ramifications for the people involved.

I really enjoyed this post by Crimson and I hope you all do too! Make sure to check out the rest of Crimson’s work on myfujoshilife and enjoy the rest of your Friday!

Peace and Love ❀ Grimms ❀

8 thoughts on “Flashback Friday With Crimson: OWLS Disruptor Blog Tour: Connections in Erased and How A Single Person CAN Make a Difference

  1. Well, all I can say is: I hope you find some time to watch this anime. It is utterly fantastic. I reviewed it a couple of weeks ago on my own blog, and really thought it was one of the best animeseries that I have ever seen. (That is until I started watching Your lie in April, lol). Honestly though, it is really good. Hope you will enjoy it if you find some time to watch it. Great post! 😊

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    1. Your Lie in April is another one I have to watch! I hear it’s a real tear-jerker so I’ve been trying to wait until I’m in a mood to cry it out. It’s on my list though so I hope to get to both of them soon. Although recently I’ll admit I’ve taken to rewatching Dragonball. I haven’t watched that series in forever! I’m going to have to check out your review of Erased πŸ˜€

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      1. I am currently following along with WeekendOtaku’s rewatch feature for Your Lie in April, and I am glad that I have made the decision to go abd watch this series. Apart from the movie Grave of the Fireflies, I have never had such an emotional ride while watching an anime. It is really heartbreaking, sad, but oh wow is it beautiful. I only have 4 more episodes to go (unfortunately), but it so worth watching! 😊 As for Dragonball, it is one of those shows like Naruto abd Bleach, that have now got so many episodes, that Inreally have to schedule a month of bingewatching just to catch up. Still stranger things have happened, so who knows I might just reserve a month to do just that 😊Thanks for checking out my review πŸ˜€


      2. There’s definitely a lot to dragonball and I’ll admit bewteeen rewatching dragonball and Naruto the amount of time I have to watch other anime is limited. I think the most emotional anime I’ve ever watched was Clannad!

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