Is Stila Cruelty-Free? Turns Out… YES!

Hello, Hello.

I am particularly pumped about this since I feel all of the brands that I know and love have been leaving me due to animal testing parent companies. Yes I’m talking to you Too Faced! This has been a rough year for me makeup wise so now that I finally have some good news I am completely thrilled.

If you haven’t heard, now you have! Stila has joined the cruelty-free makeup world! You do not know how pumped I am to hear this. Stila officially does not test finished products on animal, they do not test any of their ingredients on animals, they do not have any third party animal testing, they do not test on animals where required by law, they are not sold in mainland China, and they DO NOT have a parent company! Which means by default their parent company does not test on animals.

Can we just have a moment of silence for the fact that there is another makeup brand to grace GrimmGirl?

I have never bought Stila makeup so I’m really hoping that their products are great. After I heard the news I had to pick up a few items to test out. If you watched my livestream you heard me mention them, but I’ll say it again.


I have purchased the Stila HD Beauty Balm, Stila HUGE Mascara, and Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner. Please stay tuned for future reviews! Once again I am so happy to finally have some good news on GrimmGirl! Cruelty-Free Beauty Lovers REJOICE! We’ve got a new makeup brand to covet!

For more information on Stila’s jump into the cruelty-free world check out CrueltyFreeKitty’s awesome post on the subject. Until they let me know your reaction to Stila’s wonderful news

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