YouTube Star: Miles Jai

Grimms ❤

I know that in the past I had been running a YouTube MUA series where I showcased a different MUA every month that you could follow and learn makeup tips from and I swear to you that this will still be happening! This month I had to go with more of a YouTube Star rather than makeup artist exactly.

I think after you see my three reasons to follow Miles Jai you will know exactly why I had to discuss them on GrimmGirl!

Miles Jai might just be my favorite person on YouTube right now and has been rocking the YouTube scene for a minute but I only started following along this past fall. All I can say is damn I was missing out! So here are three reasons you need to get your life together and go check out Miles Jai!

….Riiiiiight after you finish reading my post of course… (Shameless Self Promotion)

Reason Number One: You’ll Get Makeup Tutorials

And pardon my French but they are fucking hilarious! I love watching Miles’ makeup tutorials because while, yes makeup is happening and you are told exactly what is happening, it’s done very tongue and check. I seriously can’t stop laughing whenever I’m watching these videos because I swear I’ve said these things at some point while doing my makeup!

“Now I’m gonna do something I don’t normally do. Curl my eyelashes! And I did, it did nothing. I also curl my false lashes. This actually does something.”

Bahahaha You get me Miles!

Reason Number Two: Miles is a Kpop Fan

Honestly it was his love of Kpop that brought me to Miles in the first place! Siggghhhh… I remember it like it was yesterday. I was cruising through YouTube minding my business when on the side happen to see a video titled, “Shit Black Kpop Fans Say” and I OF COURSE had to click on it!

I mean helllloooo doods. I’m black and I like Kpop. This video was made for me.

I immediately had to share this video because I’ve literally said all of these things.

Reason Number Three: Miles Isn’t Afraid To Speak Up On Issues

I am also a fan of anyone who is able to use their platform to discuss important topics of the day. Yeah it can be kind of scary to because people are not always going to agree with you and because of that they can be really hurtful. Also if your job depends on your fan base people can be afraid to speak out for fear of the backlash. So when people do it anyway I think that is really respectable.

Miles has talked about things from gender identity, sexual orientation, to his latest talk on the Pepsi commercial. I honestly think that the best part of how Miles goes about his videos is his use of humor. Miles gets super bonus points for me because he is able to discuss heavy topics in away that is accessible to everyone.

So that’s it folks! I hope you dug this article and find Miles Jai as awesome as I do. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Tune in tomorrow for another post by yours truly ❤

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6 thoughts on “YouTube Star: Miles Jai

  1. i saw one of their videos a few weeks back and thought it was amazing and hilarious, but since i’m only getting used to youtube i haven’t gone back much >_<

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      1. I was wondering bc Miles does this video where he pretends to be Bom from 2NE1 and it’s a “makeup” tutorial. It is so hilarious! I think you would still think it was hilarious even if you weren’t familiar with the group.

        Liked by 1 person

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