Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume 4

In Name Of the Moon…

I will bring you more Sailor Moon manga reviews!

Hahahaha… I slay myself.

Honestly before you get into this review you may want to refresh your memory with my last post Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume 3 because it has been a loooonnnng minute since I last wrote a Sailor Moon post! In fact it’s been since September. I know shame on me for not keeping my manga posts more regular!


There will be zero spoilers in this post for volume 4 but there will be spoilers for volumes 1-3. This post is written with the idea that you have already read volumes 1-3. If you have never read Sailor Moon please start with my first review Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume 1 for a spoiler free account of the first volume.


First let’s recap all that we have learned in regards to Sailor Moon, the Sailor Scouts, and of course Tuxedo Mask. These last three volumes have been a whirlwind of adventures, mystery, and of course romance!

In the last volume we finally wrapped up the Dark Kingdom arch. Thankfully the goodness of Sailor Moon was able to prevail and the love between her and Tuxedo Mask was strong enough to break him out of his mind control. However things are not destined to be easy for them and with the defeat of one enemy a new one quickly appears.

Black Moon has decided to take on the Sailor Scouts and their true intentions remain a mystery. With Rei and Ami both missing due to the devious scheming of The Black Moon and their Prince Demande things are looking tense for the Sailor Scouts.

On top of dealing with Black Moon a new character was introduced and her origins and intentions are murky at best. Chibi-Usa literally fell from they sky and is demanding Sailor Moon hand over her Legendary Silver Crystal! While she seems like a small child her timing couldn’t be more suspect with Sailor Mars missing. After Sailor Mercury is also taken Sailor Moon slowly begins to suspect Chibi-Usa knows a lot more about Black Moon than she is telling.

Review of Volume 4

The Great Lita Graces Us For The Cover Of Volume 4 ❤

I am seriously obsessed with this manga and volume 4 continues to impress. I really do adore the character of Sailor Moon/Usagi because I find her to be so complex. On one hand she is just a third year middle schooler but on the other hand she is Sailor Moon. Sworn to protect those around her and with that comes the necessity to make hard decisions.

Since she is supposed to be this superhero figure I think we sometimes forget she is also in many ways still a teen! With that comes the insecurities and self-doubts that many of us possess, especially in our teen years. During this volume we see a lot of those self-doubts expressed by Usagi. Whether it is dealing with her strength as Sailor Moon or her relationship with Mamoru she is still learning who she is.

Just because someone says, “Hey you’re the reincarnation of Princess Serenity and are destined to one day be Queen Serenity ruler of the Millennium Kingdom.” Doesn’t mean you miraculously take on that rule overnight. Being told who you are and becoming who your are, are two totally different things and I think the fact that Usagi still continues to struggle with this is very realistic to her character development.

I think it is also interesting to see that Mamoru also struggles with his role as Tuxedo Mask. He loves Usagi and wants to protect her but feels like there is nothing he can do for her. I think having been taken under by Queen Beryl’s mind control is still having its effects on Mamoru. I mean it wasn’t Usagi who fell under her spell and put Mamoru’s life in jeopardy and I think Mamoru is still struggling with that guilt.

Not that I blame Mamoru!

With scenes like this to look forward to how are you not already reading this volume?

I’m just saying I get how as a character he would still need to process that. Just like Usagi and the rest of the Sailor Scouts he is still trying to find his place. What is his role? What can he do to help and protect Sailor Moon as Tuxedo Mask? This seems to plague Mamoru a lot during this volume.

Lastly we of course learn more about Chibi Usa and Black Moon. Talk about some surprise twists up ahead! Want even more incentive to read volume 4? Let’s just say you can look forward to a new character during this volume! Not only a new character but possible some more romance. Seriously, am I the only one digging the vibes between Lita and Ittou?

Hope you all are enjoying Sailor Moon as much as I am! Talk (or write I guess is more accurate) soon Grimms!


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