Liar! Uncover the Truth: The Yakuza Boss

Mondays Aren’t So Bad When…

You fill them with OTOME!!!

Welcome to another Otome Monday. I’ve been playing through Voltage Inc’s game Liar! Uncover the Truth on my phone for a while now and we are at the sixth liar. Grimms, we have gone through and suffered a lot. Our eyes will never be the same after our first liar (The Mama’s Boy), will we ever get over the fear created by liar two (The man with “Anger” Issues), can we possible forget the crazy inspired by liar three (The Fanboy), or the mixture of pity and revulsion liar four (The Gambling Addict) made us feel, but most importantly… Will my phone ever recover from the rage beating I gave it after playing liar five (The Married Man)?

There’s were the questions that ran through my mind as I started to play Liar Six, The Underworld Boss…

Once again Voltage Inc managed to surprise me in the most unexpected way… because Grimms… I think a part of me has fallen for Liar Six!!!!!

You might be thinking that I’m a crazy person and that’s okay because I’m thinking it too! I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had to deal with all of these previous crazy people or what but I ended Liar 6’s route thinking, “Hmmmm… Are there any more chapters for this character with them together?”

Liar 6 fangirl
Yeah… That was me for this route. I’M SO SORRY BUT IT’S TRUE!

Okay. Okay. OKAY.

I know he’s a Yakuza boss and I know that means he commits crimes on the daily buuuuutttt… The man stole my heart!

Maybe you’ll get where I’m coming from after you see the choices for Liar 6. As you know I won’t tell you who the Liar is, what’s the fun in that?

Sotaro Shiga


Sotaro is a surgeon with a “steadfast & cool” personality. He’s also a Scorpio and do you know what they say about Scorpios? They say that they possess extraordinary sexual magnetism. Yep, behind that cool disposition there is sure to be a very passionate person.

Itaru Yuikawa


Itaru is a Foreign Exchange Trader and seems to be the “Friendly Gentlemen” type but guess what? Birthdays don’t lie and this man is also a Scorpio. Is his gentlemen demeanor just a cover to hide his own mysterious personality? It’s hard to get close to a Scorpio, which is all the more reason one just can’t help, but to try.

Kazumi Kagami


Kazumi is a famous author with a “Sophisticated & Broadminded” attitude. He’s also an Aquarius and while an Aquarius can be loyal then can also get… bored. Never underestimate a bored Aquarius. Maybe heading a major crime family is this the sort of adventure an Aquarius needs?

Haruichi Mamiya


Haruichi is an IT Entrepreneur and is known as an, “Intellectual Tiger”. You know what else he is? An AQUARIUS. Did I mention on top of this star sign having the need to combat boredom they are also known for trying out new things and craving excitement. What is really going on behind these glasses? Gah! These megane men!

Azusa Kurono


Azusa is an artist and if you can’t already tell he’s the “cute & naughty” type. He’s also a cancer and cancers are generally not known to be the one night stand type. That’s right they crave emotional attachment. They are sensitive and a part of them really just wants to settle down and have a family. Wonder if Azusa is thinking about a crime family though…

I’m SORRY but I can’t help but think to myself, “Hmmmm… Maybe being a Yakuza wife wouldn’t be so bad.” Luckily our MC seems to have more inner strength then me. Of course according to these endings things could’ve been a little different.

Bad End: I want to go ON RECORD that I just do NOT believe this is what would happen. According to Voltage Inc the MC marries the Yakuza boss and then he totally throws her under the bus and she ends up in prison! Nope. I don’t believe it. I’m a hundred percent convinced this man would go to the ends of the Earth to protect the MC! What can I say? My bias is showing.

Secret End: After meeting the MC at matchmaking party the sixth liar sends one of his underlings to tail her. Creepy possibly but in light of the crazy people around her maybe the MC having a permanent bodyguard isn’t a bad thing. Gah! Sorry I just can’t say anything bad about this guy.

Love End: After the great unveil the MC runs into the sixth liar again and let’s just say curiosity gets the better of her. GET IT GIRL! That’s all I have to say. Also pleaaaaasssseee Voltage Inc continue this route! I must see more.

Scumbag End: Our sixth liar tries to get over the fact he lost the MC by kicking it at a local “ladies” bar. However it’s not working and do you know why? Because him and the MC need to pick up from the Love End route that’s why!


For the first time I’m mourning the loss of one of these guys. Waaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

Liar 6 fangirling2
After this route I have to admit I need to think about what the otome guys I go for 😀 I can’t quit them though!

For the record I’m not the only one who’s craving more of Liar Six! Check out the review of the Otome Queen Pokeninja90 if you don’t care about spoilers. She gets my life.

Looks like I’ll have to move on to Liar Seven but let me tell you this route hit me hard, mostly because I didn’t want to let him go.


I hope you all enjoyed the fun take on zodiac signs

I do not own these images

9 thoughts on “Liar! Uncover the Truth: The Yakuza Boss

  1. Yes girl yes!!!❤ this man can do no wrong in my eyes! He was the only liar to love the mc for more than her looks. He loved her for the sassy spitfire she was and for that he is the mvp! Plus megane lol🤓

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