Pokeninja90 is Back AGAIN! Haikyuu Top Three Moments of Season 3


If you can’t tell by the title Pokeninja90 from Nice Job Breaking It, Hero is back with another collaboration post here on GrimmGirl.  We continue our torture by bringing you our top three moments of season three. It is so HARD to choose only three moments but we did it once again! So read below for Pokeninja90’s TOP THREE MOMENTS and don’t forget to go to her site when you’re done to check out my TOP THREE. 

Lots of Love Grimms ❤

Hello, Heroes and Travelers, I’m Pokeninja90 from the gaming blog Nice Job Breaking It, Hero and I’m back!! Did you miss me? Well, Katrina Sade are here for part 3 of our Haikyu collaboration post series! Rejoice, we’re back with more Karasuno induced fangirling! If you want to know what our top three picks for seasons 1 & 2 were click the following links:

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Season 3 of Haikyuu was the best season so far, because after two seasons of struggling to reclaim their former glory, we see Karasuno kick some serious ASS! I mean, wow!! It was so hard picking just three moments from this season, since there were only 10 episodes this time around, but they were all fantastic! If it were up to us, we’d have probably just written a post about the entire season, since I know Kat had as much trouble picking her three moments as I did! 😛 Well, enough of my yammering, let’s get this thing crackin’, here are my Top 3 Favorite Moments from Haikyuu Season 3!!

Number 3: The Final Point- Episode 10

haikyuu Ep 10

If I could, I would pick episode 10 in it’s entirety as one of my favorite moments of Season 3, but somehow that feels like cheating… So, I decided to go with that epic last point against Shiratorizawa! First, I have to say that I am so hurt that I could not find a clip of this scene, because it is one of the most beautiful things to come out of this entire season (and yes I am including every single Tsukishima moment in this statement), because every single member of the Karasuno team takes part in it! I know I’ve said this like 100 times already, but there are no outright stars on this team, every single member, whether they’re a benchwarmer, a sub, or a starter, works together to make Karasuno such a great team and I can’t think of a scene that illustrates this better than that final point in Episode 10.

Stylistically that whole scene is just effing stunning to look at with the freeze frames and 360 camera movements, throw in the symbolic crow/eagle scene…. perfection! Then there’s the epic soundtrack baring in the background as each and every one of the players on the team rush up to the net in order to carry out this beautiful synchronized attack… Y’all my mouth was on the floor, I must have replayed this scene about ten times, it was that good! But, the icing on the cake is the fact that our boy, Hinata was the one to make that epic final point! I couldn’t help but think back to Hinata’s confrontation with Ushijima prior to their match, that point was like a big middle finger to Ushijima and the entire Shiratorizawa team for even thinking of doubting the strength of Karasuno!

Number 2: Tsukishima Blocking Ushijima’s Spike- Episode 4

I just had to put a Tsukki moment on this list somewhere, and if I had my way the entire list would be full of Tsukishima Kei moments, because our boy brought the heat this season! Season 3 will forever be the Season of Tsukki in my mind, because, after three whole seasons, Tsukishima finally became one of those volleyball idiots! For the first time ever, Tsukishima gave it his all, to the point that he even sustained an injury. Mind you this is the same Tsukishima Kei that claimed that “volleyball was just a club”, the same Tsukishima Kei that scoffed at Kageyama and Hinata for getting so worked up over a match…. I feel like a proud mama right now, our salty baby crow became a MAN in season 3!! *ahem* I’m not gonna lie, I had a really hard time picking just one Tsukki moment, but my absolute favorite would have to be that epic block from episode 4…

I almost flipped my laptop off my desk when I first saw this scene, I literally jumped out of my chair (pulling the charger with me) shouting at the top of my lungs! Let’s just say my roommates were not amused, but I didn’t care all I could say was, “DID YOU SEE THAT BLOCK, HOLY S***!” And that yell at the end!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!

Number 1: The Third Year’s Hug- Episode 10

young 3rd years3rd year hug


Okay so with a season this epic, you’d think it’d be tough to pick my number one favorite moment and you’d be right… This entire season turned everything up to 11 from the character development to the pacing, I was on the edge of my seat from the first episode all the way to the last, but there was one moment that gave me so many feels and that is the that emotional hug between the third years at the end of the match.

Their faces perfectly sum up all of my feelings after watching season 3, the shock, relief, excitement, and joy of watching Karasuno take down one of the top high school volleyball teams in the country. This is something Daichi, Suga, and Asahi have been working for their entire high school career and this victory means so much more to them than anyone else, because they never imagined they’d ever get to see it let alone play in that match. From bitter defeat in their first year to that epic win in their third…. they earned this win!

I ugly cried watching this emotionally charged hug, it was just so… I don’t have the words to describe it! I wanted to join in the hug too, I wanted to celebrate with them, because after three seasons of watching Karasuno grow and change, I felt like I was a part of the team too!

Alright guys, those are my picks and since there is still no word on whether we’ll get a season 4 or not, this will be the last Haikyuu Top 3 collab from the Haikyuu Duo…. It’s so hard to say goodbye~ Here’s to hoping that we get a season 4, cus, I’m not ready to let go of our Crow babies just yet!!

I want to say thanks again to Kat for agreeing to do this collaboration with me, this was so much fun and I can’t wait to see what her choices were! If you’re itching to know what her choices were check out her post on my blog, by clicking Kat’s Top 3 Favorite Moments from Haikyuu Season 3!

I want to hear from you guys now, what are your favorite moments from Season 3 of Haikyu? Let us know in the comments section!! Also thank you guys for putting up with me over her on GrimmGirl, this is Pokeninja90 signing out!! Thank you for reading!!!

22 thoughts on “Pokeninja90 is Back AGAIN! Haikyuu Top Three Moments of Season 3

    1. YES!! I absolutely love this series!! I was getting so emotional picking these moments, it also didn’t help, that I was re-watching the series for about the 10th time LOL!

      LMAO anytime Hinata receives a ball with his face is A-OK in my book!! XD

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    1. I am so obsessed with this show!!! And now I’ve started reading the manga and it is so good 😍 Of course it would be! But I’m impressed with how well the show did staying true to the manga. At least so far it’s been perfect.

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