April Wish List

April Wish List ❤

This is a new segment on GrimmGirl but I hope to do it every month. Basically each month I’ll name off three products I would absolutely adore during the month of April. That doesn’t mean I’ll actually buy them! Just that if money floats my way I would really like to!

So here are the top three products that I would love to get this month!

Winky Lux Flower Balm

I have wanted to get more Winky Lux products ever since my Winky Lux Unboxing post. Their highlighter and matte lipsticks really impressed me! Now they have this new Flower Balm that goes on your lips clear and then reacts with your specific pH levels in order to stain your lips the perfect pink for you!

How cool is that?

So each person’s Flower Balm color will be unique to them. Who wouldn’t want to try this? On top of that each Flower Balm a chrysanthemum inside it, they’re so cute! Did I mention it also smells like coconuts? I need this in my life.

April Wish List Winky Lux
The flower is such a cute touch and you can pick from four different flower shades!

Sugarpill U4EA Matte Lipstick

As you all know Sugarpill is one of my favorite makeup brands. I have never been disappointed in a product yet and I bet this matte lipstick will continue the streak. I love matte lipsticks and although in general I tend to be a liquid matte type of person recently I have been getting into regular lipsticks as well. How could a matte lipstick put out by one of my favorite brands not intrigue me?

Not only is it matte (which is a must for me) but also are you seeing this color? It’s GORGEOUS! I need this dark teal ya’ll it sustains me. It’s vegan, it’s Sugarpill, and its color is on point. How could anyone not want this?


Shiro Yuri On Ice Eyeshadow Collection “Looking For Love in Katsudon Places”

This is a makeup company that I have been meaning to test out for sometime, but just haven’t gotten around to it. That just might change this month because recently they have come out with an eyeshadow collection inspired by the anime Yuri On Ice and I am dying. Hello!!! They have combined two of my favorite things in the world! Anime and Eyeshadow for the WIN.

The collection includes ten different shades and I’ll be damned if I don’t want every single one of them. My only regret is that each shade is sold individually and not as a pallet. I’m going to have to save my pennies because the otaku and makeup addict needs each of them.

They had me at Katsudon.

April Wish List Shiro
One of the shades from the collection called, “Born to Make History” it’s so perfect I could cry

What about you Grimms? Any makeup products you’re wishing for this month? Comment below!

I do not own these pictures

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