Liar! Uncover the Truth: The Married Man

Otome Monday!!!

We are continuing our adventures with Voltage Inc. and so far they have yet to let us down in the crazy factor. We’ve dealt with some real gems in this game; A Mama’s Boy, A Man With Anger Issues, A Fanboy, and A Gambling Addict. Each one has been able to top the last on the insanity factor, so I have to admit I’m starting to get paranoid at what to expect from the incoming routes.

My reviews for Liar! Uncover the Truth are spoiler-free because I think one of the best things is seeing if you can guess the Liar before the end of the route. I do give the options for each of the routes, so if you did some very clever detective work while reading each of my posts you might be able to discover certain guys are liars just by process of, “Hey… I haven’t seen that dude as an option for a while.”

The plot of this game is our MC has been cheated on by her longtime boyfriend and she is pissed. So she decides to go to a matchmaking party in hopes that she will finally find someone worthwhile. At the party though she runs into a fortune teller that tells her that at the party she will meet ten amazing men that seem to good to be true, and they are… at least nine of them turn out to be to good to be true because their actually fakes!

Our job as the active player is to figure out which one of this bros are no, good LIARS. In order to do that we keep note of things they’ve said, pick up clues along the way, and of course brush up on our Internet stalking skills.

I do my best to make these reviews as spoiler free as possible but if you are a very crafty soul you will be able to use my posts to see who our ultimate dream guy will be. Since I do post the liar options after a while you’ll start noticing certain guys aren’t mentioned any longer. That most likely means they were the culprit at one point or another. So if you want to these posts to stay spoiler free than make sure not to do too much digging!

Also if you have played this game and want to comment below, AWESOME, just make sure you start your comment out with SPOILER so that everyone who wants to avoid spoilers knows.

With the formalities out of the way it’s time to discuss our next liar. So far we have dealt with a Mama’s Boy, a “man” with Anger Issues, a total Fanboy, and a serious Gambling Addict. So what oh what could Voltage throw at as next?

How about a… MARRIED MAN!!!!!!! 

Ohhhh, get ready for a rant ya’ll because this man is ticking me off! Amongst the men of supposedly high class men there’s a man who is actually married and looking for a side mistress on the side. GAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Me throughout this route.

I actually take this one pretty personally. There are many hurtful things one can do in a relationship and cheating on someone ranks up there. If you have ever been cheated on you can relate to the utter betrayal you felt. If you were the cheater then I hope you were able to realize the pain you caused both your partner and in many cases yourself.

If you are hoping that this cheater feels any sort of remorse for his actions then you are in for some disappointment. Not only does he not feel an ounce of shame for his actions but also he basically has no consequences other then the MC ditching his ass. That’s not enough for me Voltage.
Call me vindictive but bring on the fire and brimstone! Let my reign of terror follow him wherever he goes. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

So who are the possible liars for this route?

First possibility goes to Kunio Muroi, a foreign affair diplomat at 38 he seems like he has his life together. He’s a smooth dresser and pretty good looking! He even shares in some of the MC’s more childish hobbies, like Octokitty. While he may seem really charming at times he seems a bit too charming. Why does he seem so keen to move the relationship so quickly?


The second possibility goes to Kazumi Kagami, an author and the oldest one out of the group at 40. He seems to be a bit of a joker but on the whole pretty sophisticated and worldly. Being an author has given him the opportunity to travel the world and experience many things. Isn’t it strange though that with all of his traveling he’s yet to settle down? Unless of course he has already met someone!


The third possibility (last but not least) is Haruichi Mamiya the IT Entrepreneur that works closely with your company. He’s 31 and seems to have everything going for him except a committed relationship. People within his company and yours can’t seem to help but fall for his good looks and personality. He just might be the perfect catch, unfortunately there seems to be one woman particularly interested in your relationship with Haruichi. Is it possible that she has every right to be?


Like I said before don’t expect this liar to learn any sort of lesson or face any true repercussions for his actions. Somebody needs to get on writing a fanfic where he loses everything and karma takes him down a peg!

Until then you’ll have to make do with these endings… trust me, it’s not good.

Bad End: The MC becomes this jerks mistress. It of course ends the way you would typically imagine this situation would end. He strings her along promising that he’ll eventually get a divorce from his wife, she believes him until one day she decides to force him to divorce his wife, this of course doesn’t end well and he just breaks up with her. The MC ends the story looking like a complete idiot and then this evil man walks away with zero consequences!

Secret End: You see their relationship from his point of view and learn just how scummy he is. Basically we get a front row seat of all of his scheming on how to bed the MC. I think I’m going to vomit.

True End: We get a walk down memory lane in order to see his player origins. Spoiler Alert: It’s basically a route showing us that he has always been a world-class jackass. There’s no sob story as to how he became a cheater, just the facts. He thinks he can so he does. End of story.

Lovers End: I kid you not; I was this close to chucking my phone while playing through this route! In this route you may have guessed by the title the MC begins to consider being his mistress. There’s no illusion that he will leave his wife he basically offers her the chance to sleep with him and go on cool dates until she finds the guy she wants to be with. I absolutely refuse to believe our fiery MC would even consider this proposal! I mean she was cheated on herself! She knows the pain or being cheated on. Nope, nope, nope! This route is dead to me.

Scumbag End: We learn that not only does this douchbag convince his wife that his cheating is all in her head he continues to cheat! He learns nothing, faces no consequences, and continues to cheat on his wife. He does feel a lingering regret though that he wasn’t able to seal the deal with the MC, so we have that. (Cue eyeroll)

This is how the route SHOULD have ended

So there you have it everyone! The fifth liar is a total piece of work and in many ways my least favorite out of the bunch so far strictly because he faces zero consequences for his actions. I will be continuing to play through this game and I’m so excited to be back for Otome Monday’s!

That hiatus was long but I appreciate you all waiting for me ❤ Finally any guesses as to whom the dream guy will be? I have my suspicions so we’ll see if I’m right in the end!



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7 thoughts on “Liar! Uncover the Truth: The Married Man

  1. LOLOLOL Yes finally!! I have been waiting for these reviews to start back up again!! I absolutely positively hated… no, I loathe this liar! He was the worst in the entire game and while all the guys before him were somehow punished for being jerks, this guy manages to get off scott free!! What the whole eff Voltage!! Your gifs were perfect, definitely exactly how I felt playing this route!!

    OOOOH I can’t wait to see what you think of Liar 6 LOLOL!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s been weeks and I’m still mad 😡 I don’t think I will ever recover. Also I flat out refuse to believe our MC would EVER consider him so all of these routes are dead to me.

        Liked by 1 person

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