Blogger in the Spotlight: Vicky Ly


It has been such a long time since I have done a Blogger in the Spotlight! Now that I’m getting back in the swing of things expect these posts again once a month! The goal is to have them out the first weekend of every month but sometimes depending on other posts I need to get out (like blog collaborations) I’ll have to bump it around.

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight is one of my favorite ethical beauty bloggers out there! Vicky Ly is the founder of Ethical Elephant and she is seriously an inspiration to me we when it comes to being a voice for animals and an ethical consumer! So here are three reasons why you should check her out too!

Reason Number One: Cruelty-Free

Ethical Elephant is a 100% cruelty-free blog. I love that! I know that whenever I’m looking at product reviews on this website I don’t have to ask whether or not the product is cruelty-free. It’s honestly a real relief because I cannot count the number of times I see a review on a product and I think, “Ohhhhhh that sound good” only to get to the end and realize that I have no idea if that product is cruelty-free or not.

She is also very good about finding out where the parent company on makeup brands stand. You all know from my posts like Is NYX Cosmetics Cruelty Free? Turns Out… Not Exactly and Is Too Faced Cruelty-Free? Turns Out… Not Exactly that as a consumer I choose not to buy makeup brands that are owned by parent companies that are not cruelty-free. She does a great job of having products that are not owned by animal testing companies!

Reason Number Two: All The Red Tape

If you have been trying for any amount of time to be a cruelty-free consumer than you know first hand that the amount of red tap and loopholes surrounding the industry is beyond sickening. Now that people are becoming more serious about buying cruelty free products animal testing companies use every little trick in the book to convince you they are cruelty-free even when they are not!

Examples include things like saying, “We’re cruelty-free! …Except when required by the law.” Which actually means, “All of our products that are sold in countries that require animal testing have been tested on animals… Which is basically all of our products. We’re not cruelty-free at all but we want your money and we don’t want to stop selling in say, China. Thank you for your business and enjoy your eyeshadow that was forced into a bunnies eye.

Or my other favorite, fake bunny logos that say things like, “Against Animal Cruelty” but they actually haven’t been verified by a third party so they really mean nothing. Anyone can say, “We’re Against Animal Cruelty” but that doesn’t mean anything legally. They can still test on animals. Vicky has done some great posts on Ethical Elephant explaining these legalities.

She is such a great resource in this way! I thoroughly recommend checking out her resources tab on Ethical Elephant. Even if you are not cruelty-free yourself just seeing all the different loopholes companies can create is really interesting!

Reason Number Three: She Does Fashion

Along with being cruelty-free with my makeup I apply those same principles when it comes to my clothing. No leather for this woman! That being said finding vegan products is not the easiest thing in the world, let me tell you. On top of that I also try to avoid fast fashion like the plague. So shopping is pretty difficult for me.

That’s why I love Vicky’s Fashion Guides! She has everything so organized. For example if I’m looking for a pair of new boots (which I am) I can go to her section on books and see a list of various vegan options and their price! Her website is very user friendly which I cannot express how much I enjoy. She also has lists and resources for t-shirts, handbags, and bags. I hope in the future she is able to expand even more!


Ethical Elephant is one of my top resources for product reviews and other necessities in order to transverse the life of cruelty-free consumption. I recommend anyone with an interest in finding cruelty-free products check out her blog PRONTO! You can click on the link below to explore Vicky’s blog yourself ❤

Ethical Elephant

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