Hawaii Five-O Season 1: Aloha

Aloha ❤

I’m trying to get in the spirit of things what with this post being all about the reboot of Hawaii Five-O. This show has been on for quite some time (it’s in its seventh season) but I only recently started watching it on Netflix. I was looking for a new cop show to watch and Hawaii Five-O does star Daniel Dae Kim and he’s a total hottie. I am not ashamed to say that his presence was a factor in deciding to give this show a shot.

“Steve McGarret returns home to Oahu, in order to find his father’s killer. The governor offers him the chance to run his own task force (Five-0).”- IMDB


I was again pretty surprised by how much I liked this show. The cool thing is tat McGarret is a Navy Seal so his athleticism is actually believable. He’s endured some of the harshest training out there. It also opens up the show to a lot more types of plot-twists and possibilities because McGarret has obviously made some enemies during his seal days. This helps this show separate itself from other cop shows currently on the market.

Season one really focuses on McGarret bringing his Five-0 team together. I really like that out of the main characters I don’t find any of them annoying. Seriously that is something to consider when watching a show. A main character is going to be around for a while so if you find them super annoying it can be a real deal breaker.

You have Steve McGarret a Navy Seal and son of a retired cop. He certainly brings the Alpha male character so prepare yourself for that. On the plus side it can actually bring some pretty humorous moments between him and Danny his second in command so to speak. The majority of first season revolves around McGarret and his reaction to his father’s murder.

Can’t knock a guy with tattoos

Danny Williams aka “Dan-o” is a former cop from Jersey. He has is originally in charge of the case involving the murder of McGarret’s father and that is actually how Danny and Steve meet. Their relationship starts out pretty rocky but it’s fun to watch their relationship develop throughout the season. I also get a kick out of their dynamic. Danny spends a lot of time trying to (unsuccessfully) rein in McGarret’s go get ‘em attitude.

Danny doesn’t do the floral shirts.

Chin Ho Kelly is a former cop but he lost his badge after an IA investigation. Chin maintains his innocence and Steve’s dad really trusted him so Steve decides to trust him as well. Throughout the first season we are able to see how the IA investigation and his label as a “dirty” cop have affected Chin’s relationship with his family and the other cops around him.

Daniel Dae Kim of the CBS series HAWAII FIVE-0. Photo: Art Streiber/CBS © 2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Kono Kalakaua is a total rookie and still in the academy, although she is close to graduating. She use to be a pro-surfer but after a knee injury she decided to follow in her family’s footsteps and become a cop. She is also the cousin of Chin and is the only one in the family who believes that Chin is innocent. She’s probably my favorite character. I love her loyalty to Chin; she is really such a great cousin. On top of that she kicks ass… literally. The girl can fight.

She’s so cool

While the show does focus on individual murders/crime happening on the island it does a great job of creating a central plot. I like when shows do this. Throughout the first season even though the team has other cases the main thing they are concerned with is figuring out what really happened to Steve’s dad?

At first it seems like a clear-cut case but the more they dig into the murder the more Steve begins to realize it may be connected to something much bigger.


Don’t be surprised if you begin to hate Danny’s ex-wife as much as I do. That woman is the British devil.


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