Naruto Season 4 Revisited: Fighting Dreamers

Hey Grimms,

I’m back at it with my Naruto reviews. So far I have reviewed seasons 1-3 and this will be my season 4 review. Exciting stuff! With that being said if you have yet to see Naruto I would recommend you start out with my first review Naruto Season 1 Revisited: Come On!

Each of my reviews of Naruto are spoiler-free for that season. This means that (for example) there will be zero spoilers in this review for season 4 however I do discuss things that would be spoilers for seasons 1-3. This is why I recommended that if you have not seen Naruto before you begin with my first review.

With that warning in mind, let’s carry on!


Finally the conclusion to their epic battle!

Season three was super duper intense. Orochimaru went ahead with is plot to destroy the Village Hidden in Leaves with the help of the Sand Village. His evil leads him to fight with the current Hokage with disastrous results.

While the Hokage is busy dealing with Orochimaru, Naruto finds himself chasing Sasuke and Gaara as they continue their battle. With Sasuke down for the count Naruto picks up where Sasuke left off battling Gaara.

The rest of the village has their hands full battle the Sound Village and the Sand Village. Many lives are lost during this battle and the Leaf and Sand Village will never be the same after the battle concludes.

Season three left us all on a bit of a cliffhanger with the battle between Gaara/Naruto and Orochimaru/the Hokage. Within the first few episodes the conclusion of this arch is reached and it is pretty intense.

Seeing the way Gaara grew up is really moving because of the similarities between his life and Naruto’s. Watching Gaara we are able to see the type of person Naruto could have become. It also causes Naruto to reflect on why he hasn’t become like Gaara.

This season introduces a lot of new people and elaborates more on characters we already know. Rock Lee is still injured from his fight with Gaara and without further medical attention he will never be able to be a Shinobi again. Currently there isn’t a single person in the village capable of the medical help Rock Lee needs… However there are rumors of a medical ninja genius by the name of Tsunade.

Love her or hate her there’s no one better at medical ninjutsu.

Jiraiya claims to be able to locate her and Naruto is more then ready to help him find her for the sake of his friend. On top of that Jiraiya has plans to teach Naruto a new technique! Is that the only reason Jiraiya wants to get Naruto out of the Leaf Village though?

A new threat seems to be casting its shadow on the Leaf Village as if Orochimaru wasn’t bad enough what is this Itachi doing hanging around the village? Itachi seems to poses the Sharingan the same as Kakashi and Sasuke. What are his intentions for the village, and why does he seem to be interested in Naruto?

This season begins to dip into the themes of wars and the true cost of battle. Through Naruto we are able to see not only the political ramifications of war but also how it affects the warriors and civilians that have been swept up in the chaos. It also brings to light a question that will plague Naruto and Sasuke in particular, “What are you willing to sacrifice in the name of revenge?”

Heeeey Itachi 😉

This is a question that we can all relate to in our lives so comment below with your thoughts. Is revenge humanity’s way of enforcing karma? Or is it humanity’s downfall?

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