Lipstick Challenge Day 14: Lipstick Queen Time


I think it’s time I picked this Lipstick Challenge back up! Omgoodness what is it with me and challenges? I really do like to take my sweet time with these don’t I? Well at least I’m back on the horse so to speak.

We’re on Day 14 and at least I’m getting close to the half way point. Honestly I haven’t been on my A-Game when it comes to blogging at all lately! I swear the balance between work, life, and blogging is no joke. I thank you all for being so patient and supporting me regardless. You lot are the best!

Alright, for today’s lipstick it is actually a lipgloss, and correct me if I’m wrong but I believe this is the first lip gloss mention ever on GrimmGirl. I am actually not a huge gloss fan on principle. I mean I’ve never come across a “long-wear” gloss. It’s not built to stand up throughout the day. You know when you get a gloss you are going to be reapplying quite few times.

I’m Glossy! I’m the first girl to scream on the track. Hahaha who caught my reference?

So I actually got this gloss by Lipstick Queen on a bit of a whim. I was strolling through my local Ultra when this shade caught my eye. I loved how gold it looked and I just new it would create a sweet shimmer. I have never tried a Lipstick Queen product before so I had to Google to check that it was cruelty-free and since it was I just had to buy it.

I have to say I am pleased with the results. For a gloss it’s pretty cool. It has a good shine to it and it’s nice for quick looks when you’re not looking to create a whole lot of effort. My favorite thing about it is honestly it’s lack of stickiness. It might just be me but another reason I dislike glosses is because they usually feel sticky on my lips.


I also have to say for a gloss you can’t beat that color. I mean a lot of glosses I have tried are pretty sheer. If you’re into sheer than that’s cool for you but if you are like me and like that full color this could be a reason you steer clear of gloss. This gloss has a pretty full color!

I mean it’s no Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick but you can tell I’m wearing something. My lips don’t just look shiny, they look colored. It’s a fun color that I think would transition beautiful from day to night looks.

So what do you think of this shade? It’s from Lipstick Queen’s Big Bang line in the shade Time. If you want to check it out on their website feel free to click the link below!

Lipstick Queen Time Lip Gloss


Someday I will actually do a full scale review on this product :p

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