Liar! Uncover The Truth: The Gambling Man

Hello, Hello!

I hope you are all ready for more crazed adventures with Voltage Inc’s Liar! Uncover the Truth? We have seen some crazed things so far. A Mama’s Boy that gave us the strong desire to seek therapy, and the Man with Anger Issues, which was code for abusive asshole, and a Fanboy who was actually the stalker we all hope to never meet.

So what oh, what could Voltage Inc have in store for us this time around. For liar number four we are on the look out for (drum roll please) the GAMBLER! Please keep in mind that this is Voltage Inc. we’re talking about so you know there will be more than meets the eye.

If you are unfamiliar with this particular otome game please take a moment to read my first post Liar! Uncover the Truth: The Mama’s Boy to get a more detailed summary. The gist of the situation is our MC was cheated on by her long time boyfriend (douche) and decides to get back on the horse by attending a matchmaking party.

The good news? She meets ten AMAZING guys. The bad news? Nine of them are filthy LIARS! It’s up to you to help the MC out and uncover the truth. So far I have been having a lot of fun sleuthing it up but I have to admit these liars really take the cake when it comes to the crazy.

I have also been making these posts as spoiler free as possible. However if you are paying very close attention and comparing posts you will detect some spoilers. Basically with every post I list the possible liars. If you are observant you’ll notice repeats on men that can be the possible liar, which is a dead giveaway that they can’t possible be the liar from the previous route.

So apologies there, but this is the best I can do keeping things spoiler free!

Liar #4

Now that the MC has escaped the clutches of a crazed fan boy she’s on to bigger and brighter things. Three men may be out of the running but there are still six left and on the outside they look pretty damn swell.

Sotaro Shiga


If only all doctors looked so fine. Siggghhh. Sotaro is becoming a bit of a favorite for me, but what if I’m wrong? He seems sweet and hard working but he has been caught gambling with his patients, maybe it’s just for fun but what if it’s more serious?

Keima Katagiri


Keima knew the MC from good ol’ college days. So you would think he would be a pretty trustworthy guy. It appears that he has it all. He’s smart, good looking, and has a stable job, but he seems have knowledge on the places to be for gambling spots.

Azusa Kurono


Talk about cute as a button! He may be a little young but he can out confidence anyone on the block! He is young though and young men can be known for spending fast and loose with their money.


Gah! This route actually made me a little sad. As usual Voltage Inc keeps things very realistic. A gambling addiction is no laughing matter. It is a disease like any other addiction and because of this it causes the mind to justify and do things you wouldn’t normally do.

This is very apparent with this route. Our Liar #4 isn’t a terrible person on principal but his addiction has driven him to do terrible things. Here’s the thing about addiction, it’s not that you are weak it is that your brain is literally tricking you. An addict’s mind will 100% make up every excuse under the books in order to justify their addiction.

It’s not rational and it doesn’t make sense. In my work (I use to teach 3rd grade now I work for a non-profit organization for families) I meet parents that are addicted to one substance or another and even though they love their kids they will make every excuse and justification to feed their addiction under the sun. Add to that my own experiences (my father was an alcoholic) and this route really hit close to home for me.


This is why it is a disease, because your mind is basically feeding you misinformation. That’s why you need treatment to deal with addiction. Your body and mind is addicted and will do anything to trick you into thinking your actions are right, even though in the back of your mind you know what you’re doing doesn’t make sense. It’s a very vicious cycle.

Liar #4’s gambling addiction is no joke. Not only has he drained everything that he has ever worked for, he tries to falsify documents in order to take out a HUGE loan in the MC’s name, and in a very last ditch effort actually tries to sell the MC’s body in order to absolve part of his debt from loan sharks!

He tells himself that he’ll be able to win everything back and it will solve his problems. Just one more big score and he’ll pay the MC back and she’ll never know what he did. One more big score and it will cover his debt. He won’t really let them use the MC he just needs to buy some time and that next score will fix everything.

This is really how the addicted mind processes things because it is trying so hard to override your sense of right and wrong. That being said if you are in a relationship where the person is an addict then you need to do what the MC did and get out. As people we need to understand that we cannot cure someone’s addiction. They have to make the choice themselves to seek help and change. It’s a hard road but it has to be their choice to change, we can’t change them ourselves.

Just like Liar 4 they will sacrifice everything to feed their addiction, even you. Yes, later they will feel bad about it but that doesn’t change what they did!

Can we all just agree to say no to addicts? You do NOT want to go down the road with a person who isn’t ready for recovery.

Seriously Liar 4’s route is dead depressing when you think about it! The endings also maintain the theme of realism.

Bad End: You actually stay with this guy and believe his lies of change. BIG MISTAKE. Listen up, when an addict says they just need, “One more” and then they’re done they are lying. If they were truly done then their last one would have been the last one and you wouldn’t be having this discussion.

Case in point, you marry Liar 4 and pay off all his debts only to have him (surprise, surprise) rack up more debt. You end up working at your day job and taking a hostess job at night to pay of his debt that never ends because he continues to gamble more and more. The more you cover for him the more he spends. What a rotten life.

A bit of joke here, but actually an accurate description of what addiction leaves you with. Nothing.

Love End: What every person who knows an addict hopes will happen in the end, the addict chooses recovery. In this route Liar 4 comes back claiming to want to change. The MC of course doesn’t believe him. Smart move MC always tread with caution when dealing with an addict. Actions speak louder than words.

However Liar 4 does back it up with action! He gets a second job and spends 6 months paying his loans back. Him and the MC finally get to a place where they can be friends, and who knows maybe someday more. If she forgives hime for EVERYTHING he has put her through that is. I don’t know if I personally could but some people are more forgiving than me.

*In this route though he doesn’t get help for his addiction though. He just overcomes it on his on. I really wish that it was him receiving help because that is much more likely PLUS I feel like people need to stop looking at seeking help for addiction as failure. It’s not a failure, it’s your first step towards success ❤

Secret End: We see what lead the Liar to the matchmaking party and his viewpoint of their interactions together. What an addicts mind at work. See the way he justifies his actions, even though he knows what he is doing is wrong he always has an excuse for why what he is doing isn’t. Dead depressing.

Scumbag End: Liar, Liar, pants on fire. Liar 4’s liars catch up to him but like all addicts he hits rock bottom. Working for a host club and hoping to someday climb out of his mountain of debt but he still has that addict mentality. Believing that if he can just hit it big gambling one more time he’ll be able to fix everything and win the MC back. Not gonna happen.

True End: Nobody ever wakes up and says, “When I grow up I’d like to be an addict” but people become addicts everyday. With the true end we get to see Liar 4’s descent into addiction. Honestly it’s pretty sad. It showcases exactly how addiction happens; you never expect it to happen to you.

Final Thoughts

If you are like me and have had someone in your life fall into addiction this route is going to be dead sad. It brings up a lot of mixed emotions from anger at the Liar to pity as well. It’s a very good route in that sense! I have to say I’m terrified to see what the other routes have in store for me! These Liars are just getting worse and worse.

I have to rank Liar 4 up there with Liar 2 in the sense that this is something that could really happen in life! You could end up with an addict and trust me that would be a very rough life. I’m glad to say adios to this guy, but I hope someday Liar 4 is able to get help for his addiction.


13 thoughts on “Liar! Uncover The Truth: The Gambling Man

  1. I felt the same way about this route as you did! I only had one pro lemme with the way it was handled… Liar 4 never gets help for his addiction. Even in the Love end, he just seems to magically get over his addiction through the power of love and that didn’t sit well with me at all!

    Oh and the fact that he tried to SELL THE MC TO PAY OFF HIS GAMBLING DEBTS?! Like wtf!

    Awesome review Kat!👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually agree with you there. I actually also dislike how he just “gets over” his addiction. I feel like it makes light of the seriousness. I added a little more to my post to reflect that so thanks for bringing that up!

      When he tried to sell the MC I was like, “HELL NO!” But after I calmed down and stopped trying to mentally curb stomp him I was like, “Damn Voltage… Totally realistic.” Because in real life addicts will do stuff like that and try to justify it.
      I work with families dealing with addictions and they will get to the point where either they have to stop using or their kids will be taken away and they will continue to fight getting help and overcoming their addictions. I know that they love their kids and they know that their addiction is not good for their kids but their brain will make up every excuse under the sun to try to avoid treatment.

      I will literally hear parents say, “I’m really don’t go out to the bars very often so I’m not an addict.” And we’ll look around and be like, “You go through a bottle of liquor (minimum) a day.” But they will try to justify it saying addicts go to the bar and they drink at home so they’re not an addict.

      It is insane the lengths an addicted mind will go to justify the addiction. So scary!

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      1. Definitely!! This route and the Liar 2 route were both a bit too real for comfort!

        Addiction is a serious issue that a lot of times gets overlooked which is a huge problem! Addiction is just as serious as physical illness and it’s a shame that it doesn’t get as much notice.

        We have to address the stigma surrounding addiction first, both from the societal standpoint and from the perceived stigma of the addict themselves.

        Sorry if I got a bit long winded, but these sorts of social issues were a part of my focus in school.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I 100% agree because of my job plus personal experience with family members I could talk about this all day! The stigma is so bad and bc of that people rarely get the help they need which can lead to serious consequences for them and the people around them. I was actually thinking addiction would be a good OWlS tour. Kind of like a raise awareness type thing. What do you think?

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  2. Rip u
    This one was a doozy and a half for sure :’D
    Yeah, when he tried to sell her I was so done with him, so so done. Can’t believe they did a lover’s end, just no.
    I’m shit scared of addictions, especially since my biological sperm donor was mean/beat up my mom when he drank (which was every day), so this route definitely was something else. Reasons I don’t gamble, drink or smoke is because of that, I prefer having hobbids like gaming/anime/manga/books, over something destructive, but addicts can’t really choose. I do hope he gets treatment, but stays the fuck away from MC, just no.
    Liar 5 is really a scumbag, so he’s worse, way worse, than 4. Are you ready? :’D

    Ps. This route made me a little said – sad, I presume?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (Good catch on Said/Sad Lol!!)

      Omg this route. I was like GAAAAHHH run for the hills MC. Addicts to scare the crap out of me. My father was an alcoholic so I completely get where you’re coming from. He was eventually able to get help for his addiction and become sober (it was a long battle) but in the process it cost him a divorce from my mother and a very strained relationship with his kids. We were able to work through a lot of things in my adult years before his passing of cancer.
      My Dad never sugar coated his addiction though and recognized that during that time he put his addiction a head of everything.
      The Lover’s End was a little meh for me. Like I’m glad he was able to to overcome his addiction but idk if I personally would’ve been able to even CONSIDER dating him. Dude tried to sell me off!!!! I think it would have been more realistic if he would’ve just met someone new.

      Just finished Liar 5 and I’m LIVID. I envision a lot of swearing in my post next week XD


      1. (Glad to be of help, cause I make typos all the time and realize months later rip me)

        I’m glad your dad actually got to work it out and get clean, not a lot get the will or motivation to do it and stick to it. Addictions are always messy, and they impact the whole family, sadly :((
        I’m glad you all got to work it out before he died, feelinfs of resentment, anger and hatred are hard to clear off if the person isn’t alive tbh

        Lover’s end…. I call bullshit, I think he’ll lapse since he didn’t get counseling or follow ups by psychiatrist or psychologist to help him cope. But maybe I’m just cynical :’D
        Plus yeah, he tried to make you in debt with a huge ass loan, and also pawn your body for some ¥¥¥, nope nope. She should have boot kicked him in the nuts and walked away ORZ
        Liar 5… /shoots cannon
        I HATE
        I CAN’T EVEN, AAAH
        The bad ending makes me livid. Looking forward to your post about it.
        Sad to say…he isn’t the worst either ORZ


    1. There is sadly so much stigma surrounding addiction and the effects it has. A gambling addiction is very serious and I’m so glad that you are in recovery. I know the struggle is very intense but take it day by day ❤


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