Liar! Uncover the Truth: The Fanboy

Greetings and Salutations Grimms ❤

As my lovely regulars know Mondays are designated Otome Days here at GrimmGirl. If you are new to the scene than you are in for a treat! My name’s Kat and I adore playing Otome games!

Lately I have been playing Voltage Inc’s game Liar! Uncover the Truth and I have to say I have been having a lot of fun with it. Voltage isn’t playing around with this game so props must be given to them for creating a pretty swell and unique game.

I have been playing this game on my phone with great success. No problems with it glitching out on me or slow load times, I know some mobile games can be a little buggy but that hasn’t been my experience with this game so far.

Things you should know about this game if you aren’t currently playing it; the download is free but you do have to pay for tickets and coins throughout the game. It is possible to play this game for free by logging in everyday and saving your reward tickets and coins but that is a very long and time consuming process.

What I choose to do is to build up ticket and coins while building up “Cool Points”. Cool points are required in order to unlock all of the endings of each character without having to use coins or paying for them. I then buy a portion of the tickets during the game. Specifically the 10 for $4.99, with this strategy I am only paying $4.99 a route, which is what I would normally pay for a regular otome game.

With this strategy I am able to play roughly a guy a week. You do have to be patient with this though and I spend the majority of my week acquiring “Cool Points”. I thought I would discuss this because I know paying as you go can be a real pain in the ass.

Moving on….


The game so far!

The MC was cheated on by her longtime boyfriend and is sick and tired of dealing with a bunch of jerks. She’s at a point in her life where she is ready to settle down and just find someone genuine. This is what leads her to a fancy pants matchmaking party.

While there she runs into a fortune teller who informs her that during the party she will meet ten amazing men, all of whom seem to good to be true. Unfortunately for her the fact of the matter is that nine of them ARE too good to be true. That’s right, nine of these so-called catches are no-good LIARS. One of them however is her true soul mate.

Thus the game begins. It is your job to help the MC ferret through the douchbags in the bunch and find her true love! So far we have uncovered a Mama’s Boy and a man with SERIOUS Anger Issues. To read spoiler-free posts on those click below!

Liar! Uncover the Truth: The Mama’s Boy

Liar! Uncover the Truth: The One With Anger Issues

Although tread with caution people. Voltage is finding all the crazies for this game.

So what could possible top the insanity that we have seen before?

Take it away Liar #3

Liar #3 The Fanboy

Let me start off by saying that I am all for the fanboys and fangirls of the world! I mean, I AM ONE, and quite frankly the majority of people are for one thing or another. Maybe it’s your favorite actor, band, designer, model, anime, manga, author, tv show (blah, blah, blah) but I guarantee you there is something in your life that you geek out about on a regular bases.

Something that when you hear someone else talking about it you feel compelled to join the conversation, even if you have never meet the person before. Take me for example; if you know me at all you already know that I have a fair amount of things that I obsess over. However there are a few things that take the cake for me.

I think you all know the first one, that’s right, Haikyuu. I fucking love that show. I love everything about it and if you so much as think the word in my vicinity I will sense it and we will talk about it. I can also talk about Harry Potter for days. The amount of Harry Potter and JK Rowling knowledge I have at my disposal is insane and I will get into literally debates with people about the greatness of that series.

However as much as I love these topics there are still certain things I wouldn’t do. For example, I might stay up incredible late binging on Haikyuu episodes I’ve already seen or I might have multiple copies of the same Harry Potter book just because I like the different colors, but you know what I wouldn’t do? Kidnap one of the actors of either of these series.


Because ladies and gentlemen that’s batshit crazy. I may be a fangirl, but I’m not a felony waiting to happen. Liar #4 on the other hand is a perfect example of when fangirling/boying goes horrible, horrible wrong.

In this route the MC discovers she has a striking resemblance to an up-and-coming pop star by the name of Nanyami. The MC personally doesn’t see it but as the story unfolds many others seem to make the connection.

Our MC has been through a lot over the past few days. First, there was the Mama’s Boy who basically ruined the phrase; “Sudsy Bath” for me forever and then there was the one with Anger Issues who was actually just a totally abusive jerk.

This round we have quite a few different characters to choose from as far as the fanboy is concerned.

Warning: If you haven’t played this game before and have been reading my posts my introduction of the guys you have to choose from could be a tad bit spoilery. I say this because a few of these guys hear on out will men who were suspects in past routes. By seeing them here you are able to deduce that they were not the culprits in Liar 1 or Liar 2. I of course will NOT being saying which character is which Liar but I thought I would give you the heads up!

Itaru Yuikawa


Siggggghhh… He’s quickly becoming one of my favorites so PLEASE PLEASE don’t let him be the fanboy Voltage! He loves wine, is a foreign exchange trader (I don’t know what that is but it sounds impressive) is totally adorable when he smiles, and saved the MC from a particularly sticky situation a while back.

That being said he seems to think you look particularly like Nanyami (a up and coming pop star) it would be super creepy if that was the only reason he seemed to be into you.

Sotaro Shiga


Another very dreamy guy on the scene, the man is a doctor for heaven’s sake. You know what’s sexy? Intelligence people!!! He also has this determinedness about him that I myself find attractive. He’s decisive. I admire someone who knows what they want and works hard to achieve it.

However there seems to be some history between him and another member of the cast of men. Could there be some hidden rivalry to steal Nanyami’s heart… even just a look alike version.

Kunio Muroi


Working for the Foreign Affairs Department as a diplomat seems like a pretty classy job. It also appears to leave the ability to engage in some pretty high-class hobbies like cooking and cars.

Those might not be Kunio’s only hobbies though. He seems to be in possession of a lot of Nanyami CD’s and a job like his would create easy access to all of her concerts.


Joe Yazawa


He’s a top-notch designer and everyone recognizes his abilities to create cutting edge fashions. He has the luxury of working with celebrities’ everyday, so much so that it really doesn’t faze him…

Or does it? When the MC finds out that Joe will be creating Nanyami’s upcoming stage outfit will it turn out that Joe has become a little too inspired?



Here’s the thing about this “fanboy” he is completely MISNAMED! What it should read is, “Obsessive Celebrity Stalker” I mean there is a huge difference between someone who’s a fanboy and someone dedicates shrines to something.

So know this going in, this “fanboy” isn’t your run of the mill fan. In fact what he decides to do is kidnap the MC because of her resemblance to Nanyami and then turn her into his own personally Nanyami that he doesn’t have to share with the world.


Obviously there is not way any of these endings could be good, and their not. The only good thing is that the MC escapes before any of these horrible endings could transpire.

Secret End: Here we get to see how the moment he laid eyes on you his heart began to race… At the idea of turning you into a human Nanyami doll. My heart also began to race… in panic as I tried to run away.

True End: Where we see where this Liar’s love for Nanyami first came to be. This actually strikes true with the majority of stalkers. There will be some sort of meeting that takes place that will seem trivial to you but is everything to the stalker and thus their obsession begins to grow. This is actually a pretty frightening end when you think about it because it shows that there is really nothing the stalk-ee can do to prevent this. It is 100% in the stalker’s mind.

Love End: This end discusses how the Liar tries to win you back… After he kidnapped you and tried to lock you up in order to create his very own living Nanyami doll. I didn’t think I had to say this but for the record being kidnapped and held against my will for whatever reason is one of my deal-breakers.


For me personally a kidnapping is something I can’t come back from. If you kidnap me there is no way in HELL we will ever be together. Also you will be in jail because I will 100% turn you over to the police the first chance I get.

Scumbag End: Here we get to see our favorite liar continue his obsession over Nanyami. I honestly feel bad for the girl; she has no idea the amount of batshit crazy that is near her.

Bad End: OMG talk about a bad end! Basically you are never rescued from Liar 3 and end up becoming his livable Nanyami doll. Completely forgetting yourself and your ambitions until the day he decides you’re to old to be Nanyami and literally kicks you out with nothing. I can only hope that your family put out a missing persons for you or SOMETHING and the police will eventually find you.

Once again Voltage pulls out all of the crazy stops for this guy. I am really glad to see them not romantizing this type of behavior though. I’ve actually noticed in otome games that certain aspects that should scream RUN AWAY are romanticized as being “sweet” or “sexy” when really they aren’t.


If you’re with a man (or woman) who wants you to be anybody other then the person that you are kick them to the curb. Also if you’re with a man (or woman) who kidnaps you and tries to turn you into a life-size doll of their favorite celebrity, run away and have the police kick them to the curb for you, and by “kick them to the curb” I mean find a suitable mental institution where they can serve their time while receiving the help they need.

Goodness only knows what Liar #4 will hold!

13 thoughts on “Liar! Uncover the Truth: The Fanboy

  1. Yikes, you’re paying for the liar routes??? Girl, save the money up for the lovers routes! :’D
    Haikyuu is so good, bless ur soul for being obsessed 👀👌
    That’s not fanboy or fangirl, it’s definitely kidnapper stalker behaviour. Loco behaviour.
    The bad ending, the one where she’s older and he notices it, fucking broke me in. I was so disgusted and done, I just wanted to cockpunch him tbh.
    There’s worse than this liar, like super worse. But he’s still out, gross, stab him in the groin, kind of out, bomb him out 🔪🔪🔪💣💣💣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I don’t mind paying 4.99 since that’s what I normally pay for an Otome game route. Lover’s end? Do you mean the endings or are they additional routes after the game?
      This man was a special kind of crazy for sure! At the end I was like, “Why didn’t you stick around for the police?!” I would have had the police, swat, FBI, CIA, and every other law enforcement I could think of for that crazed dood!
      Omg that bad ending was so sad. I was like what is happening. You poor Stockholm syndrome woman 😭😭😭😭 I def agree I want to throat punch him hard.


      1. Lovers routes. They open up after Liar5, so the liars 6 to 9 get lovers route to buy with coins, and the non-liar gets one too /winks
        The one that is a liar but isn’t gets a lover’s route too ohohoho
        I actually get angry none of them get arrested, and she never presses charges, from what I saw, ://
        It was sad and so maddening, he completely broke her self-esteem and her self, then said those horrible things and ditched her 😭 /throws grenades at him 💣💣💣💣💣

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Omg I’m glad that you told me this! I def need to start using stuff more wisely. I didn’t realize that happened in the future.
        I know every time she doesn’t report but creepily enough that’s kind of realistic too bc must people don’t report a lot of crimes like this 😳 I wonder if that was Voltage’s intent to point that out… creepy!
        Every time I think of Joe’s bad end it brings out my inner RAGE 😡😡😡😡


      3. Someone should have told you, or the game, cause it’s really misleading until you get to those lover routes tbh :’D
        Definitely need to budget and economize, each lover route is 800 coins + 800 coins for their extra ending, if I remember right :””’D

        Yeah, her not reporting is realistic but makes me sooo sad and mad,cause she’s letting them get away and target other girls ORZ

        Rage is the perfection definition for how I felt after that bad end too, or maybe incredulously pissed off 😤

        Liked by 1 person

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