Liar! Uncover The Truth: The One With Anger Issues

Grimms ❤

Today for Otome Monday we will continue are trek through the world of Liar! Uncover the Truth brought to you by the creative minds of Voltage Inc.

Last week we took delightful look at our first liar (The Mama’s Boy) via my post Liar! Uncover the Truth: The Mama’s Boy if you haven’t read it you should give it a shot. Although brace yourself mentally for that one because this “Mama’s Boy” takes it to a whole new level of BLEHH!

Just a reminder for those unfamiliar with this game the premise is our heroic MC has discovered her boyfriend has been cheating on her. After kicking him (well slapping him) soundly to the curb she decides to head back into the dating world. This time though she refuses to be tricked so easily!

The MC decides to attend a matchmaking party but while there is informed that while she will meet 10 men that will seem to good to be true only one of them actually is. That’s right the other nine are NO GOOD LIARS. While the MC doesn’t have a lot of faith in fortunetellers she is 100% with ending up with douchebags only finding out once she begins seriously dating them.

Taking her life into her own hands she decides this time not to ignore that gut feeling she has in the pit of her stomach when I guy does something odd. Instead she will investigate that feeling to the fullest of her abilities and expose any lie thrown her way! Way to go MC!

Our last liar was a class a MAMA’S BOY. The incest was strong with that storyline and I was more than happy to expose that Liar and save the MC. Unfortunately there are still a few liars in our sites.


This time the MC (with your help) must ferret out a man who makes roid-rage look tame. That’s right this Liar has Anger Issues!

 Liar #2: That Man Has ANGER ISSUES

So after your horrible Mama’s Boy ordeal you decide the best way to forget all about it (and trust me we all want to forget) is to console yourself with the other hot guys that are potential boyfriend material in your life.

First up there is Itaru Yuikawa. He’s 28 and is a foreign exchange trader; he’s also totally hot. Sounds perfect right? Expect on your date you notice he can be a little protective… Maybe to protective?

I don’t know what a foreign exchange trader does but you had me at, “Hobby: Wine”

Secondly we have Keima Katagiri he’s 32 and works as a stock trader. You actually use to know him in college and couldn’t believe it when he showed up at the matchmaking party. The downside is on your first date you notice that he seems to treat the wait staff a little rudely. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but when you want to know more about a man notice how they treat the people in their lives that they don’t have to be nice too.

If we got married I’d be Kat Katagiri and if that isn’t adorable I don’t know what is.

Finally we have Toya Kashi and 28 year old famous patisserie that makes delicious desserts you could die for. While he may have a delicate hand for baked goods it seems that he’s a total klutz elsewhere… Or is that really how he’s getting banged up?


Cheesecake is my favorite. Just saying.










After your friend mentions warning signs of how to spot a guy with anger issues you have a nagging suspicion that one of these guys fits the bill. But who?

It’s up to you to do some detective work and find out who’s the rotten liar among the bunch! Figure it out by following your instincts and gathering clues. These men aren’t nearly as crafty as they think they are!

Final Thoughts

I actually found this route to be more terrifying then the last! Finding out the boyfriend your with has anger issues and is a total abuser is a true life fear every girl has! The fact of the matter is a lot of times an abuser starts off as a seemingly nice guy until he finally loses his temper and his true colors come through.

This is exactly what happens with the MC so it kind of hits close to home. So if you have ever been in an abusive relationship then consider this your trigger warning. You may want to skip this route if possible.

Also if you are in a relationship that is eve remotely similar to this then please ask for help to get out of that relationship. Just like the MC you do not deserve someone like this in your life. Trust me this Liar #2 is bad news.

As for these “Endings” let’s just say the best ending is just being rid of this loser. There are these endings you can check out as well though.

Bad End: Like many other humans that fall into these types of relationships you end up staying with this abusive man. Maybe you think over time you can change him… Maybe you think that if you do things just right he will also be just the sweet man you sometimes see. Either way like all abusive relationships you can’t change him and nothing you do will ever be perfect because they want to yell. Needless to say you spend the next few years walking on eggshells until the day the cops show up.

Like I said. Voltage Inc. is really hitting home with the realism in this one.

Secret End: Shows when the Liar first met the MC. She didn’t know it at the time but he was going through a lot and he found her smile to be incredible inspirational. When he sees her at the matchmaking party he assumes it’s fate and decides she belongs to him. (Cough. Cough. Creeper. Cough. Cough.)


Truth End: We take a trip down memory lane to find out how this dude ended up an abusive jerk. Turns out years back his college girlfriend cheated on him and he’s been on a rage kick ever since. I’m sorry am I supposed to have feels here? Because I don’t, the MC’s boyfriend cheated on her for SIX MONTHS before she found out and you don’t see her destroying property every time a guy doesn’t look her way.

Awkward Romance: This man doesn’t know when to give up and decides in his own “awkward” way to win the MC back. Um… Nope. Not going for it. Unless his “awkward” way includes anger management and therapy I don’t want to hear about it, and it doesn’t so bye.

Scumbag End: You know what says romance?


Just kidding, it doesn’t say romance at all. In fact it is says jail time. Which is hopefully what this guy gets after spending all of his time stalking the MC after she kicks him to the curb. Can I point out it is also very realistic for an abusive person to become obsessed with the person trying to leave. Talk about creepy.

Final Thoughts

Two creepers down, eight more to go! One of them is going to be the man of your dreams. At least he better be after all of this grief!

I did have fun with this one and I CALLED IT on which one was the angry jerk right away. I could sense it on him. It was in his crazy eyes I just knew it. There is something strangely gratifying about discover which one is an abusive dbag before the MC ends up in a horrible relationship.

That being said I would like to remind everyone that if you have been in an abusive relationship before this route could hit close to home and awaken some very dark times for you. So please just be aware of that before you play.

See you guys next week when we hunt down LIAR #3 The CREEPY Fanboy

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13 thoughts on “Liar! Uncover The Truth: The One With Anger Issues

  1. Liar 2 was the worst! I still have nightmares about what could have happened if Itaru hadn’t shown up when he did! Gurl, he snapped out of nowhere too! But the scariest part of the whole route was the Bad End!! OH MY GOD, if the cops hadn’t shown up… the MC would have died!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is the worst for me so far as well. It’s just waaaaaayyyy to possible do you know what I mean? Yeah the bad end was just so scary. I mean that really happens everyday! On top of that there are so many instances where the cops aren’t called in time. Gah! I don’t even like to think about it. Voltage really hit home with this one.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, this game doesn’t seem to hold back with the creep factor. Gotta say though, will all the media out there that romanticizes abusive behavior, it’s good to see things that call it out for what it is. Good luck with the next routes. I’m enjoying reading about this game.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is something I really give Voltage a lot of credit for. People romanticize these types of relationships in the media so often that it was refreshing to see a company really say NO this wouldn’t be romantic this would be scary as hell.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m right behind you on this game! I just finished liar 3! And yes liar 2 was shockingly scary! Because I ignored some of the signs of his and really attributed it to him being a klutz. So I picked the wrong liar the first time! I was freaked out when I got this one wrong T_T

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know Voltage really nailed it with this one making it so realistic because many times abusive people are so talented at hiding it before hand. I’ve read so many cases of people being in relationships that seemed perfect until a few months in when the abuse began. Voltage really upped the realism for this. I just finished Liar 4… Wait till you get to him!


  4. Oh man, that one was a fucking doozy and a half /shakes fist
    Say No to wine Kat, it tastes so bad, or at least the cheap ones I’ve tasted do T_T
    Aw, you’d be Kat Kat, hehehe xDDD
    Cheesecake is real good, I’m crazy for sweets but now can’t eat any at all until I ferret my allergies, so rip me T_T
    I thought he was going to hit her when he started shouting at her, SINCE SHE CONFRONTED HIM ALONE AND IN A ISOLATED SPACE AAAGH
    The truth end made me legit terrified that he thought it was perfectly fine doing what he did to his gf /shivers
    This is why I’m saying the first Liar is a cute pet, there’s way worse than Liar 2 too, he’s just the start of a very long shit stain :’D
    Agreed that anyone that has gone through any type of relationship troubles shouldn’t be playing Liar, cause they hit a lot of type of creepers and douchebags
    Great post, can’t for you to experience how OTT Liar 3 is ugh /laughs awkwardly in pain

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha my mother-in-law drinks BOXED wine and the thought of it makes me want to barf lol. I don’t drink wine very often but when I do it is fancy smancy for that exact reason XD
      Liar 2 was totally creepsville. Voltage made him VERY realistic. Like people end up in relationships like this everyday. I honestly found all of his endings to be incredible scary.
      When she was confronting him I was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!! CONFRONT OVER THE PHONE OR SOMETHING!
      Thank heavens someone (I won’t say who to avoid spoilers) showed up to help her out or things could’ve gotten really bad. I shudder to think actually. She probably would’ve gotten a black eye or a broken arm :/
      Yeah anyone who has ever been in a turbulent relationship should play this game with extreme caution. Voltage is def keeping things intense.
      My Liar 3 post will happen Monday and all I have to say is… WTH is WRONG with this dood?!!!!!


      1. Ew, ew, no. I’d like to try sweet wine, i love sweet drinks 😈
        True enough, Voltage is definitely going to some deep, dark holes to fetch these guys. I feel like they don’t get their just servings considering none of them ever get arrested or reported :/
        Smh, she always always confronts them directly, then wonders when things go bad…
        Yeah, thankfully she got protected especially since he was ready to hurt her, holding her too tight and all x.z

        He is…obsessely creepy and crazy smh at him ugh, especially what he did to her 💢


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