Liar! Uncover the Truth: The Mama’s Boy

Otome Monday is BACK!

How much did you all miss it last week? Sorry about that Last week was Dec. 26th and that’s the day my family does Christmas so I was super busy. I didn’t have time to schedule one ahead because my husband’s side of the family’s Christmas events so it was just busy, busy!

For your enjoyment and as a special treat I am doing my first otome game played using my phone. Normally I play games from my tablet so doing a phone game was really interesting. I thought it would be a good addition to the site to have some otome games you could download to your phone.

Today we look at Voltage Inc.’s Liar! Uncover the Truth. I have an IPhone 5 so I downloaded this game for free off the App Store. The download was free but there are in game purchases. Basically to complete chapters after the first Liar you need to have tickets. You can purchase the tickets in game.


They do have some beginner deals like 25 tickets (with 15 extra tickets) for $9.99 but the regular prices are $0.99 for one ticket to 80 tickets for $39.99. There’s a bunch of ticket prices in between.

You can also get tickets for logins each day. Other purchases include buying coins, which you can use to unlock endings. Now if you play through perfectly you can open all the endings once without using any coins. So financially speaking looking up a walkthrough isn’t a terrible idea. You are able to earn coins through flirt points and logins though. Just use them wisely so you don’t end up having to buy coins.

The thing that sort of sucks about this game is the amount of tickets you need to use to work your way through it. Unlike when I play on my tablet you’re paying as you go. I wish there was an option to just buy the route straight out like with the tablet games because it’s irritating to be on a roll and then see, “Would you like to use a ticket to continue”. Grrrrrrr!!!!

You’re messing up my vibe.

The premise of the game is pretty interesting. Basically the MC has been in a steady relationship with a guy for about three years. She’s really pumped about it because she used to be known for her terrible choice in men but this one seems like a winner. In fact she is pretty sure a proposal is on the way.

Unfortunately her wedding plans are put on hold when she finds out her man has been cheating on her for the past six months. What. A. Douchebag.

She of course drops him like a hot potato (as she should) and decides to get back on the dating horse. Her mother has threatened to set her up with a country boy from back home if she doesn’t find someone soon and nobody likes it when their parents set them up on dates.

The MC decides to try a matchmaking party that has been raved for producing some great catches and hopes for the best. Once there though she meets a fortuneteller who tells her that she will meet 10 amazing men but 9 of them would be no good LIARS. One of them will be her soul mate though so all the shits will be worth the trouble.

The MC doesn’t really pay attention to the fortuneteller’s proclamation but low and behold that night she meets ten men that seem to good to be true. She really doesn’t want to set stock in what the fortune teller said but she’s also sick in tired of getting into relationships with men only to find out later that they’re total losers.

This time she wants to be proactive! She plans on listening to her instincts she normally pushes aside and checking to make sure her potential dates aren’t hiding huge deal breakers.

For this game you don’t start by choosing to play a route to investigate (what if you choose the right one at the start? It wouldn’t be much of a game!) instead the game directs you through each Liar story. Your job as the MC is to look at the evidence you collect throughout the story to decide which of the guys you’re seeing is a rotten liar.

I actually really have a lot of fun trying to guess who done it! Plus collecting evidence, sleuthing, and catching people in lies is really gratifying in some strange sort of way. Who knew?

LIAR #1: That Man Is a MAMA’S BOY

Right after the matchmaking party you are invited for drinks by Haruichi Mamiya the president of an IT company that your wedding planning company works with. All the women at your work want to get on it so you can’t believe it when you find out he’s at a matchmaking party and interested in you!

Hey Tiger. Wink.

Your drink date is cut short though when he receives a call and tells you a family emergency has called him away. On your way out a waitress comments that you two make a cute couple and that you have a striking resemblance to his mother… Strange, but you brush it off.

That is until you dive into hiding when you spot one of the men from the matchmaking party trying to find you. He’s a totally mama’s boy and spent the entire three minutes talking about how wonderful his mother was. You then overhear him crying to his mama begging her to find you for him and finally saying that he just wants to be with his mom.

You don’t want any of that!

However that gets you thinking… What if Haruichi is secretly a Mama’s Boy? Before you can give it much thought though Shuto Matsuki shows up, a famous soccer player, and asks you if you have time for a drink.


You have a fine time although your date is interrupted by calls from his manager. At the end of it though you are left with a sneaking suspicion that maybe he might be a Mama’s Boy as well…

Your job in the game is to collect evidence and get to the bottom of this! One of these men is a total MAMA’S BOY, but who is it? Haruichi Mamiya the 31-year-old president of the IT company and resident office hottie? Or Shuto Matsuki the 25-year-old famous soccer player known for his sexy moves on and off the field?

Chose wisely and follow the evidence. If you pick incorrectly it affects your overall score, which can mean less points and more coins spent on endings. So make sure you are paying attention and observing your evidence closely!

Final Thoughts

I’m not going to tell you whom the Liar ends up being but I will tell you to brace yourself. Voltage Inc took the idea of a mama’s boy and RAN WITH IT. Actually it’s more like they took the idea and exploded into another dimension…

When I think of a mama’s boy I think of someone who probably calls their mom a little to often, needs her opinion before making decisions, and always takes their mom’s side in lieu of the significant other, even when their mom is dead wrong.

Totally annoying and not an easy way to build a strong relationship with your partner.

No sir… I’m gonna need you to move along.

I’m with the MC on this one. I want someone who cares for his or her family but isn’t a total Mama’s Boy. At the end of the day my husband’s number one goal is to make me happy, not somebody else.

This Mama’s Boy is on a whole different level though!!! I’m not kidding we were literally one chapter away from this guy skinning the MC and wearing her Ed Gein style.


He doesn’t love his mother; he is IN LOVE with his mother. I’m still emotionally processing what I have just witnessed. The mother has completely destroyed her sons emotional well-being by blurring the line between mothering and… being her sons girlfriend. SHUDDER.

I would like to scrub my eyes forever now.

As for the endings they say things like, “Sweet” or “True” but really they’re just all weird and creepy. Let’s take a look shall we?

Bad End: Where the MC decides to ignore the fact that this guy is a Mama’s Boy with the hope that after their married he’ll pull back on the whole mama love thing. He doesn’t. In fact say goodbye to your sex life, your mother in law now sleeps in the same bed as you and your husband.

Scumbag End: OMG THIS END. If you thought the Bad End was bad, this is truly on a different level. You completely leave this dude (thank God) but now we get to see his recovery from the ordeal via his Mother’s side. Basically you get to read about how much she really just wants to be on her son’s D… Yep. You read that right. Allow me to scrub my brain from this awfulness.

Love End: Your guy decides to prove that he isn’t the Mama Boy you think he is and that he is willing to put his mother aside in order to be with you. This might seem nice but I can’t get behind this after I found out about Mother and Son “Sudsy Bath Time”…. Nope.

True End: We find out how this dude became the Mama’s Boy he is today. Basically his Mom is off her rocker (and his dad is a jerkface) and he needs a lifetime of therapy.

Secret End: It’s basically this guy’s reasons for being draw to the MC in the first place. This would be cute if we didn’t already know about his severe Oedipus complex.

Final Thoughts

Super fun… If not mentally scarring!

Real Life Adaption of my reaction to the mother and her “loving” son.

I really did enjoy sleuthing through and finding out who the Mama’s Boy was. This is a fun game to have on your phone to because you can play it anywhere. Waiting in line at Walmart becomes a lot more tolerable when you’re tracking down a no good liar. Also I find the MC’s reaction to these situations to be spot on. Finds out boyfriend is cheating on her? Slaps him in the face. Invited to bath with a guy and his mom, swift to the groin. Not on her watch.

I purposely didn’t say whom the Liar was to avoid spoilers so if you decide to comment about whom the liar is below make sure to start it SPOILER and then go. Hahaha I’d hate to ruin the fun for everyone who hasn’t played!

If you haven’t played comment below, who do you think the liar is?


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30 thoughts on “Liar! Uncover the Truth: The Mama’s Boy

  1. LMAO this was perfect! It only gets better from there!! This one hit a little too close to home, mind you not to that extreme, but still too close for comfort. but my hard limit is most definitely the sudsy bath time with mommy dearest! I just *shudders* can’t…


    1. I seriously about died when I read that. I was like, “Da fuck… is this just a bad translation? They can’t possibly be serio- oh nope they are… this is happening.,. Why God?” Completely my initial thought process 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really like this game, but you’re right. The ‘tickets’ situation has actually derailed my momentum — which I really hate, because I heard that the HONEST guy was a gem to die for! Ugh. It’s gonna take me a million years to finish this game.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Not going to lie the struggle is REAL! Every time I get things going BOOM, “Do you want to use a ticket?” BOOM, “Do you have coins?” Please voltage let me buy these routes out right. You’re killing me. I just finished the third liar today but I bet I won’t finish the fourth liar till next week.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Jet setted to another dimension is the perfect description of it lmao😹😹😹😹👏👏👏
    I was actually really sad that his father is abusive and is why he’s a mama’s boy, he has had to protect her and himself from his dad :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did feel bad for his home life. His dad is a total jerk. I’m mad at the mom too bc kids shouldn’t have to take care of their parents. She relied on him waaay to much. I wonder what the sister is like?


      1. I felt it was more the father’s fault, she was trying to protect him from his dad but ended up making it so he became mama’s boy. They definitely need a therapist, and leave that abusive situation :/
        Ohman, i hope the sister at least hasn’t suffered. just imagining that the dad could be too handsy with her…makes me boil 🔪🔪💣

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think what set me over the edge with the Mom was the ending where we hear here point of view and she thinks about how she wishes she could be her sons girlfriend… GAH!!! I was so creeped out! Especially after learning about her skimpy nighty/sexy bath time. What kind of a mother tries to seduce their own son? Like I know her husbands a dick but, boundaries lady. I have to believe that the daughter ran off to parts unknown and that’s why she wasn’t in the storyline. She disapproves of the relationship but doesn’t know how to change things so she’s going to school to become a therapist. Eventually she will come back and get them all the help they need. That’s the only way I could give him a good ending because I legit feel bad for him.


      3. Yeah that was… So so gross and uncalled for, no idea what Voltage was trying to achieve ugh
        In my mind they weren’t actually doing any of that porn level of things, since i remind myself parents in Japan do take baths with their children. I figured it might be that they never stopped doing it because bath time would be their safe time from the Dad.
        Or maybe I’m thinking too much/rationalizing it too muh? 😹😹
        Daughter was the only one that escaped, bless her for the smarts!
        Aww, that would be nice but very unrealistic, you can unmake years of abusive behavior that easily. I think the daughter would come back with smarts and money and get them out of the house and start a new life elsewhere 🙏
        Same, i really do hope he and his mom get help from that situation.
        If MC was less “chuck him to the street” and discovered that, i could see her championing to change their lifes. But nah, she’s focused on the perfect dude so she never gets to know :’D

        Liked by 1 person

      4. It seems to be the trend with Voltage this time around to take themes and really run with them. Like I expected the mothers boy to be more like that other guy the MC met. The one who was crying on the phone to their mom. But this was something else! I guess they did manage to surprise me, I’ll give them that.
        I thought the same thing about the bath at first as well. I was like okay, def strange but maybe not as bad as I’m thinking. But once I saw the mother’s point of view I was like, “Oh my goodness you are actually attracted to him! He’s your kid lady!” Hahaha I felt so bad for the MC in the route where it shows what their lives together would be like. All though what the heck why wouldn’t the dad be there in Italy too since he’s so obsessed with his sons career?
        I def have some wishful thinking when it comes to the sister and her rescuing her family but there’s this part of me that really wants him to find a happy ending somehow. He’s not a terrible man or anything. He’s just suffered alot of emotional trauma.


      5. Lmao, true. Poor that guy, plus the mc totally judgef him for his looks too…
        I saw that one, it’s like momcockblock to a new level 😹😹😹
        I’m not sure she’s actually sexually attracted to him,i think it’s more of a she wants to protect him and is afraid he’ll end up bad like she did with his Dad. My mom is a bit like her towards my brother, not in the “take showers with you”, but in the “i love you more than those girls,i birthed you, i only want what’s best for you” and would pick his gf if she was allowed tbh xD
        Yeah, plus trust me, compared to the other 7 dudes, he’s actually one of the few that deserve an happy ending for sure!

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I played through Liar two and if the rest of them are like him they can all go ahead and get shit endings lol. Liar 1 and the honest guy will be the only ones I want nice endings for! Liar number two was a total douche. I just finished my review for him.


      7. Um…they’ll be worse, sadly. Like super, duper worse, you’ll see 💦💦
        There’s one liar that isn’t an actual liar and deserves an happy ending too, you’ll love him. He made me all choked up ;_;
        Can’t wait for your Liar 2 post ohoho!
        I’m actually surprised Voltage started doing events using the liars, in an AU they were never liars type of way xD

        Liked by 1 person

      8. OH NO! Are you telling me Voltage pulls a Second Lead Syndrome on us? Dang them. Gahhh… Bring on the feels! I’m actually so nervous for the rest of them lol. Like I thought that nothing could through me off like Liar 1 that was until Liar 2 lol. Liar 2 makes Liar 1 look like a butterfly. Hahaha I seriously think playing 2 made me more sympathetic to one!


      9. Yes they do, and he’s WAY better and more interesting than the True Lover (^_−)☆
        Aww, you’ll be in for a ride for sure (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
        The farther you’ll play them, the more you’ll see Liar 1 was actually pretty nice and harmless since………i shan’t say more
        /whistles innocently
        I can’t wait for your reviews for the other dudes ohohoho, Kat you’re going to be in for a super rude awakening (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        Liked by 1 person

    1. :’D BAHAHAHAHA As long as it wasn’t when the mom was on scene we would be in the clear. Lol I can’t be held responsible for what other shoppers may experience while waiting in line next to me lol.


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