Flashback Friday With OtakuVSFujoshi: So…Junji Ito re-wrote Snow White (how the heck did I miss this?)

Hola everyone,

Happy Friday! I wonder if there are any Junji Ito fans out there? If there are you will be very interested to read OtakuVSFujoshi’s post on Junji Ito’s rewriting of Snow White.

I personally am excited about this, not because I’m super familiar with Junji Ito’s work but because I’m a huge fairy tale fan and I love reading new adaptions.

So this weekend if you are looking for things to do take a trip down memory lane with OtakuVSFujoshi to Novemember 15, 2016 and check out the post on Junji Ito’s Snow White. And maybe, just maybe you’ll find a new manga to read.

See you all next Friday! Don’t forget to check out other posts by OtakuVsFujoshi

Otaku VS Fujoshi

I love Junji Ito. His art, his original stories. He has a way of tapping into base fears that I had never considered. When it comes to his translated works, I’ve pretty much read the lot – or so I thought.


I recently stumbled across an online translation of Junji Ito’s take on Snow White. Originally published in Bunkasha’s Manga Grimm DoWA (Manga Grimm’s fairy Tales) in December 2014, the wonderful guys over on Slug chicks translated the short manga.

tomie So much more than a pretty face…

Anyone familiar with Ito’s Tomie series will instantly recognise young Snow White. Running between 1987-2000, a new addition to the series pops up every now and then. Centring on the beautiful, mysterious Tomie, each story tells of how those around her are driven to madness or violence due to their love or jealousy of her beauty. Thinking about it, Snow White is just…

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