Five Chikage Facts… And GO!

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Where are my Chikage fangirls at? You are all going to really dig this post! Due to the response I had from my Five Facts on Fan Favorite Edward I decided to do post like that featuring other characters, including ones from the otome world.

So today you will all be treated to five fun Chikage facts! If you are not familiar with the otome game by Voltage Inc. Enchanted in the Moonlight than you are missing out. I rank super sexy Chikage 2nd only to Shinra in my GrimmGirl Ranks The Men of Enchanted in the Moonlight article.

If you want a more in depth look at Chikage be sure to check out my review Enchanted in the Moonlight: Chikage. I go through his main story route and you will be able to see for yourself why he is such a fan favorite. Seriously if you don’t enjoy his route I can honestly say that we are not on the same page :p

So with all of the formalities out of the way lets get down to the main agenda! Five facts about Chikage that you may not know about ❤


Five: Cat Lovers Need Not Apply

Hopefully you all remember that Chikage is a Tengu Ayakashi. This mean he takes on a black-winged demon form. Essentially this causes him to have some crow/raven like tendencies in his personality. Having that affinity to birds might help you to understand why Chikage is not a cat lover.

In fact that’s putting it nicely. To put it bluntly he completely dislikes them. You can’t really blame him for this. What bird likes cats?

Four: It’s All In The Name

The way Chikage is written translates to, “thousand shadows”. Of course this makes me think how great the world would be there were a thousand Chikages….

* Stares of Daydreaming Like into the Distance *

Ehem! Sorry about that… Back to the topic at hand! If you where to write out so that it would have the correct meaning you would want it to look like this千影


Three: Size Matters

Ummm… Guys I’m talking about height.

What a bunch of perverts I have her on GrimmGirl 😛

BAHAHAHA! Seriously though Chikage comes in at 5’11 or if you’re not in the States like me 175cm. If you are around my height (5’3) this is the perfect height for a guy! Basically you can still rock heels while leaning perfectly on his shoulder. Swoon what a life that would be.

Two: Here Comes That Tengu Nature

Like I mentioned above Chikage is a tengu demon and that bird like nature affects his personality. Like other ravens and crows Chikage is attracted to shiny things! He really can’t help himself. If he sees something shiny he has to stop and check it out.

One: Started From The Bottom and Now We’re Here

Out of all the ayakashi Chikage is the only one who was not born into nobility. In fact his parents abandoned him at a young age, which is why he is so protective of Koten. Because of this he has had to work his way up to clan head.

I have to say this makes Chikage pretty endearing and also explains a lot of his personality traits. He feels secluded from others because he was secluded. So watching as he is able to trust others is well worth playing his route. He’s adorable!


I hope you all enjoyed these fun facts and look forward to more posts like this in the future! Did I surprise any of you with these? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

See you next week Grimms for another Otome Monday ❤


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