Flashback Friday With Holly: how to be more organised

Hey Grimms,

It’s Flashback Friday time and today we will travel with Holly from HappyHollife to November 10, 2016 in order to get organized! That’s right last month Holly posted an excellent article with suggestions on how to keep organized and I think it merits a revisit.

I mean with the Holidays right around the corner and for many of you finals happening staying organized is probably pretty hard to do. On top of that it is almost New Years and here in the USA we have a tradition of setting goals for the incoming year.

Maybe you’re thinking of becoming a bit more organized for 2017? No time like the present to start practicing. I can personally say that from Holly’s tip list I could totally be working on tracking my finances, keeping tidy, and minimizing distractions more! On the plus side I live for my planner and can honestly say I 100% agree it keeps me in check!

What about you? Any tips that you think you could try?

Also if you enjoyed this article be sure to check Holly’s site out. She has a lot of other really cool posts. Lots of lifestyle/beauty things to be seen and she does some journalling.

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck staying organized over this hectic holiday season ❤


If you’re anything like me, then you need some sort of structure to your life in order to stop the pesky procrastination fairies (they’re a thing, honest) from ruining your day. Here’s my sort-of-guide to becoming more organised!

  1. Keep a diary

Not a ‘dear diary…’ kind of thing, but a diary/planner/notebook with lists – whatever works for you. Track your appointments, contacts, reminders and to-do lists and make sure you use it every single day. You have no idea how much it helps! If you didn’t know already, I use a bullet journal. I track useful things like periods, jobs applied for and my snakes’ info. I’ve got so many posts about it, so head over to the ‘bullet journaling’ category and have a scroll. I’ll even include a link to my category page: here you go!

      2. Set accountability & goals

You’re more likely to get…

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