Haikyu Season Three: You Are So Beautiful I Can Barely Function

Hey Grimms,

We interrupt our usual Naruto post to bring you the long awaited season 3 of Haikyu post! It goes without saying that I was not disappointed with this season. The only thing that I would change would be that there was more but isn’t that always the case for Haikyu?

If you haven’t seen Haikyu before please check out my season one review Haikyu!! You Are My New Obsession for spoiler free content. While I wont be giving away any spoilers for season three during this review I will be discussing spoilers from that would effect season 1 and 2. Basically this post is written with the thought that anyone reading this has seen the first two seasons.

You’ve been warned….

 Because you all know that I loved season three (especially if you follow me on Twitter) I wondered what I could do to spice up this review. Don’t get me wrong I could fill up hundred pages easily with how great season three was but I wanted to do something a little different.

This time I decided to give you three things you can look forward to with season 3! As you recall season 2 ended with Karusuno defeating Aoba-Josai High and I think we all just about died from all the feels that caused! In season three we are finally treated to the long awaited match between Karusuno and Shiratorizawa.

The entire season focuses on this game and it is intense. For the players and the viewers. Nobody thinks that Karusuno can beat Shiratorizawa and they aren’t unfounded in that belief. Nobody has beat Shiratorizawa at this level in ages. It’s easy to understand why an entire season could be dedicated to this fight alone.

Without further ado here are three things to look forward to in season 3!

Three! New Characters


There are characters from Shiratorizawa that we have seen before but this season we actually get to know them. From the members on the volleyball team to the coach, they all bring their own backstories and personalities to the court. We also get to see their volleyball abilities and techniques, which are, really eye opening.

As usually the writers of Haikyu are able to weave many characters and their histories together to make them each relatable. Feeling like you notice developments and personalities in characters within just ten episodes is a real accomplishment on the writers’ part. I love how they continue to make the characters relatable throughout season 3 whether they are new characters or old favorites.

Two! Character Development


Speaking of characters the character development through season 3 is insane! How they can do this with only ten episodes is 100% impressive. In particular you can look forward to some eye opening developments with Tsukki’s character. He is no longer sitting on the back burner for season 3 he is front and center and I for one am thrilled.

We also take a walk down memory lane to see the third years in their first year, which is adorable. Baby third years ❤ Are you kidding me? That’s worth the whole season as for as I’m concerned and really helps to showcase what these three have been through making season 3 all the more emotional.

THREE! Teamwork


Seeing the teamwork this season is so wonderful. Not just with the boys of Karusuno but from Shiratoriza as well. Since this season is so emphasized on the game between these to schools I would say that the fact that two teams who desperately want the same thing is more pronounced.

What does each member do to facilitate this dream? How do they react to the mental strain of everything? Who do they each lean on to help the team pull through. This is by far the toughest game Karasuno has played so far and that is saying something when you remember how intense the Aboi-Josi game was.

Each player is mentally and physically pushed to their limits and how they rely on themselves and each other truly comes through this season. Again this is happening on both sides of the court and the way the writers weave this together is noteworthy.

Final Thoughts

If you have yet to see season 3 you need to stop reading GrimmGirl posts and go watch it! Trust me you will not be disappointed. If you have yet to watch any Haikyu then you need to start season one, like, yesterday. Honestly have I taught you nothing on GrimmGirl?

Haikyu is a wonderful show that I feel anyone will enjoy ❤ Season three upholds that tradition. Now if only season four would hurry up and be announced…

32 thoughts on “Haikyu Season Three: You Are So Beautiful I Can Barely Function

    1. On goodness no and this post made me realize how hard our post is going to be! I mean this was just things to look forward too and when I think of favorite moments… gah kill me! They’re all my favorite how are we going to choose lol

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg when they graduate I’m going to die. Especially after seeing this flashback! Them making it to Nationals even held more meaning, I’m so glad they let us go back to see them in their first year.


      1. I can’t even, graduation always murders me in HS sports.
        Daiya and Haikyuu are gonna fucking eviscerate me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
        This flashback killed me, I’m not ready, hold me Kat, HOLD ME, I’M NOT READY FOR S4 OR GRADUATION 😭😭😭


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