PUR 4-in-1 Pressed Powder: The Good, The Bad, The Lack of Skintone Colors…

Beauty Fans!

I apologize for being so lax in this category as of late. I have been super busy so writing my beauty reviews has been hitting the back burner a lot lately. I’m hoping to get back on track starting today.

To make up for my lack beauty geared posts I hope you will enjoy this post on PUR Cosmetic’s compact foundation 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation. This is a departure for me because in general I stick with loose mineral foundations.

The reason I decided to take a chance on this product is because I enjoyed their liquid foundation so much. This mineral foundation came in the same shade and they didn’t have a loose powder available. This caused me to veer of my usual beaten path. This review will discuss if this detour was worth it!

Since it has been a while I’ll just remind everyone that with my reviews I like to start with the cons and end with the pros! I also like to give a snap of what the beauty company says about their product so that we can judge whether or not they deliver on their promises.

“Our 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation gibes you the flawless mineral coverage you expect from PUR with groundbreaking skincare ingredients built into our award-winning formula. Our powder foundation is adored worldwide for its lightweight feel and no-mess, no-stress application. This all-in-one foundation, concealer, powder, and SPF 15 has been clinically proven to correct, prevent and interrupt your biggest skin concerns- even after the makeup comes off! That’s pretty smart beauty.”- PUR Cosmetics

Well that’s certainly a mouth full!


What is it with these beauty companies and there lack of products for women of color?! It really gets under my skin (no pun intended) when I check to see what colors they have available and the darkest one is my skin tone, if even!

If you are going to have a makeup company why wouldn’t you automatically provide makeup for every person regardless of color? This is especially a huge con if you are a review like me. Obviously I can’t recommend a product to followers of GrimmGirl if they can’t purchase it since it’s not available in their skintone. Huge fail on that end PUR.

I’m not a huge fan of how it blends and applies. However this is the problem I have with all pressed powders so this isn’t a PUR problem exclusively. The only reason I mention it is because if you are a loose powder girl (like me) than this isn’t going to be the product that changes your mind about that.

Considering this is taken with crappy lighting with a crappy camera phone my skin looks pretty darn snazzy ❤


Once you do get this product blended and applied I have to admit it does look pretty damn good! On top of that it does feel extremely lightweight. It also looks very natural. I know I usually go for the all out glam looks but I recognize there is many a person in this world that digs a more natural look. This would be the foundation for you!

As you can see from the picture it does look pretty natural. For the record I am just using the powder foundation, I didn’t stick a liquid foundation underneath. So this is how my skin looks with this the powder and I think it is great that it provides the coverage that it does. I did use concealer under my eyes though! No foundation is going to cover my bags up… Do you all know how late I stay up watching anime, reading manga, and playing otome?

So even though it says it’s a concealer I still used my concealer. Hey, I’ve got to keep this full disclosure!

Another pro though has to be its SPF 15. Listen up makeup lovers you need to make sure you have some SPF on your face! Finding a foundation that has that is a huge bonus. If your foundation does not have SPF and you don’t use an SPF facial moisturizer you are slowly killing your skin.

Your makeup does not act as a shield for your face! The sun is still baking your skin if you don’t have some sort of SPF protection for it.

Finally we have the wonderful price of $34 dollars. Now the reason this one is $34 is because I got the special edition version… HEY I like the compact it comes in! It spoke to me.

However if you can also just get the regular mineral glow version and save yourself $4.50. I of course could not pass up the jewel covered limited edition version but many of you might not care about that sort of thing if it means you can get it for $29.50.

That being said I feel like both prices are fair for a compact powder. Pressed powders usually run about this price and they last a fair amount of time. I’ve had mine for almost two months I believe and it feels like I’ve barely cracked the surface. So unless you are bathing in it I feel like this should last you a fair bit and be worth your investment.

Final Thoughts

For a pressed powder I have to admit that it’s pretty good! If you enjoy pressed powders I’m pretty confident you will love this version… That is of course if you have lighter skin L

That’s right the huge con still stays. It does not have shades darker than my skintone and that is not very dark at all. I hate to see a good product be wasted because it doesn’t include everyone. I hope that in the future PUR will extend their skintone range.

What do you all think? Are you team #loosepowder or team #pressedpowder?

If you are interested in checking out this product for yourself click the links below!

PUR 4-in-1 Special Edition

PUR 4-in-1

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