GrimmGirl Ranks The Men of True Love, Sweet Lies

Otome Monday is still a go!

Last week I ranked the fine men of Enchanted in the Moonlight and it was a roaring success. So I decided to do continue with this and rank the hottie hot guys of True Love, Sweet Lies. I hope you all enjoy this ranking as much as you enjoyed my ranks for Enchanted in the Moonlight.

Remember have also created reviews on all of the below characters so feel free to check them out if you are new to the scene and want more information.

I will be ranking them just like I did for Enchanted in the Moonlight from least favorite to favorite ❤

Rui Wakaba Number Five


Oh Rui….

You are by far my LEAST favorite out of the bunch. The only good thing about you is your attractiveness. However I’m a complex lady and looks will only get you so far when it comes to me.

While Rui may be good looking his personality is lacking and that is putting it politely. He was so incredibly boring to play through! Seriously I fell asleep playing through his route. On top of being boring I found his character annoying.

Rui was supposed to have this “childish” thing going on with him or something but instead of being endearing I found it simply annoying. I found his character to be so lame in fact I couldn’t be bothered to play through it twice to get both routes. The thought of it was too painful. To sit though all of that again? No thank you.


Kiyoharu Nanahoshi Number Four


Kiyoharu was a fairly fun character to play through! Of course the MC for this route was super annoying though. I’ll also admit that he could be annoying at times as well though. I mean he wasn’t terrible but he has a way of just being a… well… well a dumbass.

He’s a dumbass when it comes to the MC and his brother for that matter. Of course his issues with his brother are a whole different matter. Speaking of his brother that’s another reason he’s not higher on the list. I’m sorry but between Kiyoharu and Sakuya it’s Sakuya all day.

Finally while Kiyoharu can be nice at times he can also be a total jackass when it comes to his feelings for the MC. He causes a lot of problems by not being more straightforward with what he’s thinking. His route endings were also meh which to be fair have a lot to do with the MC herself. She doesn’t make it easy to set up a good ending let me tell you.


Naomasa Sakura Number Three


❤ ❤ ❤ Oh my goodness! Naomasa is such a sweetheart. At first he might seem abrasive and standoffish but that’s just because he’s socially awkward! Once he starts to come out of his shell you realize what a nice guy he is.

He always keeps a little smidge of awkwardness but that just makes him all the more adorable. Both of his endings were great so you won’t be disappointed either way. He is one of the characters that I will be playing more of in the very near future.

Sakuya Nanahoshi Number Two

I just fainted.

Sakuya was the first character I played and his cuteness factor is at 9000% 😀

I can’t even begin to explain his amazingness. He starts out not like the MC at all but he isn’t mean about it. I am not a fan of characters that spend their time degrading the MC. Mostly because I have a heard time choosing options since, “Punch him in the face” is never a choice.

Thankfully Sakuya isn’t like that. He doesn’t like the MC right away but he just ignores her. As he begins like her more his sweet side will for sure have you going, “EEEEEEEEEHHHHHH HE’S ADORABLE!” I can’t count the number of times I squealed while playing through Sakuya’s route.

Not only is Sakuya sweet but once he gets going he can be quite the swoon worthy and sexy character. I adore him and endorse him fully. Go play… ASAP!

Nozomu Fuse: Number One

Officially dead from hottness overload ❤

My love for Nozomu just barely outshines my love for Sakyua. So what sets Nozomu over the edge. His maturity actually! Out of all five characters Nozomu is by far the most mature, which could be because he is the oldest.

Nozomu is the most straightforward of the bunch and I super appreciate that. He is also extremely sexy in my opinion as well. The things that this man reels out equals perfection. I also enjoyed his story route and ending. Between him and Sakyua I will be playing more and more of Enchanted in the Moonlight within the very near future!


Don’t leave me hanging? Which character is your number one?

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