Naruto Season 2 Revisited: Society


Did you all read that in Kakashi’s voice? I hope you did. I also hope you are ready for more Naruto. I’m on a bit of a Naruto kick so expect to see a lot of Naruto reviews throughout the up coming weeks.

If you have yet to watch Naruto please refer to my season 1 review Naruto Season 1 Revisited: Come On! for a wonderful spoiler free review of the very first Naruto season. This review will contain zero spoilers for season 2 but I will be discussing some season 1 spoilers so you have been warned…

Season 2 of Naruto continues the Chunin Exam arch. After season 1 Team 7 (Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto) have made it to the second round for the exams. The second round however makes the first round look like a cakewalk.

In the first season Naruto began to build his foundation for what he considers to be his Ninja Way. While he has been able to come through during some clutch periods the rest of the ninjas in the Shinobi world continue to doubt his abilities. The new ninjas that we were introduced to towards the end of season 1 (Rock Lee, Gaara, Neji, and the like) keep their focus on Sasuke as the one to beat during the exams.

Naruto’s stigma of housing the Nine-Tailed Demon still clings to him no matter what he does to shake it. While season one demonstrated Naruto’s determined attitude and highlighted his lonely childhood, season two brings forth Naruto’s growth and begins to give Naruto the chance to show that he is worthwhile.

Oho! Will Naruto finally return the favor to Sasuke from season one?

During this season Naruto is able to little by little show the people around him that he is not the same kid that they new at the academy. While we get to see more of Naruto’s growth and strength this isn’t even close to the main event of this season. Through this season we get to learn more about Sasuke as well. The relationship between Sasuke and Naruto and how they influence each other is explored more during this season.


While season 1 felt like Naruto was in a one-sided rivalry, season 2 shows that maybe Sasuke doesn’t think Naruto is as inept as likes people to believe. Sakura is also still hanging about but I like to ignore her presence in general as a rule of thumb.

Later in season 2 we get to learn more about her but to be honest I just skipped those two episodes since I’d seen them before and all they serve for me is to remind me why I dislike her so much. However, if you have never seen the show before you should suffer through them if only to learn more about Ino.

Basically we get more of this crap from Sakura throughout season 2

Be prepared during this season to be introduced to some new enemies. Some more obvious then others so keep your eyes peeled for suspicious behavior. Certain enemies to be leery of are much closer to Naruto then you would think. While the Chunin Exams take place there is definitely a sinister plot unfolding beneath the surface.

Whether Sasuke wants it or not he appears to be right in the center of all of the activity. Whether or not Naruto and the rest of team seven (not to mention the other participants) will be able to overcome the hurdles thrown at them while fighting for their lives is the question that takes the front row seat for this season.

During this season each of the ninja we have been introduced to are going to be tested both mentally and physically. Do they truly have what it takes to be a Chunin? To have the comrades lives in their hands? Are they strong enough to not only withstand each other but the outside forces that are slowly creeping towards their vision of peace?

On top of everything else we get so many awesome fight matchups. Okay sure, each fight brings it’s own set of flashbacks to ensure it lasts FOREVER but that’s fighting anime! One of my favorite fighting matchups to date (in any fighting anime not just Naruto) happens in this season. Gaara and Rock Lee throw down and that alone makes this season amazing.

Yes. GAWD.


Final Thoughts

This is the season that I feel in love with Rock Lee, Hinata, and Guy Sensei ❤ Getting to see these characters alone is worth watching season 2! This is also the season where my all time favorite ship was born. Hinata is my favorite female character in Naruto so I of course I ship her and Naruto!

During season 1 I already new I really liked Hinata. Let the record show that Hinata was the first person to accept Naruto for who he was (even though she was never brave enough to tell him). Unlike some people (EHEM! Sakura) she doesn’t just bandy about judging people just because everyone else is a bunch of jerks. She forms her own opinions.

Rock Lee and Guy Sensei are also the very best! I find them both to be hilarious but once you hear Lee’s backstory you will be cheering him on throughout the season with no reserves.

Another one of my favorite characters is also introduced at the very end of season 2. Jiraiya is going to be the character to watch so don’t forget his name!

Ummm… He may not look it but I swear he’s a badass.

11 thoughts on “Naruto Season 2 Revisited: Society

  1. Smh @ U being in a Naruto phase 😹😹
    Rock Lee was the slipper hit, I love him but he doesn’t get enough screen time, so tragic :((


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