GrimmGirl Ranks the Men of Enchanted in the Moonlight

Happy Monday!

Well as happy as Monday can be and I’d say since I’ve marked Mondays as Otome days they are pretty damn happy. Today I’ll be switching things up since I’ve played through Enchanted in the Moonlight I thought it would be fun to do a list of the best and worst men from the game!

I’ll be going in order from my least favorite to my dream man! I hope you all enjoy the list!

Number Seven: Yukinojo MY LEAST FAVORITE

Just go back behind the mask.

What a struggle it was to get through this route. If you read my review it will come to no surprise that Yukinojo was my least favorite from Enchanted in the Moonlight. I honestly do not understand why he is even a character. He needs to go away and never come back.

Yukinojo’s super power appears to be the ability to be a colossal douchebag in any situation. He also brings us his whiplash personality to the table so don’t be surprised when he goes from nice guy to potential rapist within 2 seconds.

In my personal opinion if you can avoid this character… Do so.




Number Six: Samon

Thanks for not being a creeper.

He’s a house spirit with a brother complex that turns into love. For the record him and the MC are in no way related but he started working with the family at a young age and the MC has always considered him like a brother. Samson for his part feels all protective and whatnot.

To his credit he’s not one of those creepers who go brother complex crazy and lock up the MC in the basement. Let’s be real we’ve all come across those ones at one point or another in the otome world. Even though he’s not a creeper he still doesn’t rank higher then sixth on my list. If I had to describe him in one word it would be… meh. I don’t love him, but I don’t hate him either. He’s just sort of there.


Number Five: Kyoga

Total sweetheart ❤

Here’s where the list gets so tricky! It is so hard to choose between these next five characters but I have to give my fifth position to Kyoga. He was a lot of fun to play and his storyline wasn’t bad at all.

Kyoga is a sweetheart in wolf’s clothing. Literally since he is a wolf demon. Even though he likes to tease a lot and it may seem like he doesn’t take things seriously he’s actually a very serious guy. Even though he’s adorable I put him in the fifth spot because of his tendency to not be straightforward with his emotions.


Number Four: Kiryu

He’s a little devilish but he’s got nothing on Miyabi.

Ah, Kiryu my snotty little minx. He’s abrasive, rude, entitled, and trusts no one. Overtime though we get to see this completely different side. Kiryu is Kiryu by necessity. As he begins to see that there are people who will accept him he starts to open up.

Kiryu is a writer and if that weren’t sexy enough I would add that he creates beautiful love stories. He is able to create them because in his heart he wants to believe that love and friendships like that are truly possible. How can you not fall for a guy like that!


Number Three: Miyabi

Ah yes, the little devil himself.

There’s no other way to say this but Miyabi is a total pervert! Which is kind of why I love him so ❤ He makes me laugh and he is sexy as hell the majority of the time. Miyabi’s backstory also makes him completely endearing.

Miyabi is self-confident and more then a little borderline conceited but it works for his personality. He learned very early on that he better praise himself because nobody else will. Of course now that I’ve played him I will praise him from the rooftop!

Miyabi would have made it higher on the list for sure if it wasn’t for these next two vixens. I have to admit Voltage Inc. really brought out there A-Game for these characters.


Number Two: Chikage


What can I say about Chikage except… MEOW! I always fall for his type ❤ Words to describe Chikage would be strong, sexy, straightforward, sexy, independent, sexy, swoon worthy, and sexy.

Oh, and he’s sexy… Incase you didn’t catch that.

Chikage has some great lines that will have you fanning yourself for days and he has the cutest little sidekick in Koten. Oh my goodness! Maybe it’s my ovaries talking but when he goes all father figure on me I can’t even!!

Do yourself a favor and play his route ASAP.


Number One: Shinra

DAMN! Shinra is the ULTIMATE ❤

If you read my reviews Shinra as my number one pick probably isn’t that much of a surprise. I’m a total fangirl for him! In my mind he basically encompasses all the things I love about all of the other characters, while being at the same time the exact opposite of Yukinojo. Obviously that makes him the perfect man.

Shinra is kind, patient, and just the appropriate amount of naughty. Which is made even better by the fact that every once in awhile you catch him blushing. I could gush and gush about Shinra all day.

In fact talking about him has made me want to play more of his routes! Let the fangirling continue! Don’t be surprised if you see much more of him with in the next few Mondays.


Final Thoughts

You’ve heard from me and now I want to hear from you! Have you played Enchanted in the Moonlight before? Who was your favorite? Who was your least favorite? Anybody on my list grab your attention?


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10 thoughts on “GrimmGirl Ranks the Men of Enchanted in the Moonlight

  1. YES GURL YASSSSS!!! I am loving this list!! You already know that Chikage is my absolute, hands down favorite… that sexy tengu can always get it lol! ❤

    But I knew Shinra would be your number 1!! 😛

    Oh did you see that they released a new season for the game?! I am so behind I'm gonna be playing catch up for awhile!!

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